Ian Mausner

The novel coronavirus has individuals glued to the news concerning their loved ones. The adaptability to the new normal is a challenging task for everyone. Whether it is the school, home, or workplace, it is tough for individuals to keep track of their obligations. Moreover, there has been systemic inequality in response to the realities.

According to Ian Mausner, although some people have dealt with the crisis, it is not the same with others. People are still dealing with a grim situation. In this scenario, international authorities are setting up and delivering financial assistance to relieve the situation.

However, the need of the hour is taking good care of each other during these trying times. It will help to release the burden on the working parents, grandparents, and children. People who do not have access to their homes and are vulnerable require extra help and care. Moreover, the fear of recession has also sparked new problems in society.

How will you take care of each other during these trying times?

By making use of simple tactics, you may take care of your near and dear ones effectively. Hence, the following points will be of significance in this regard

Look after yourself before you look after others: Using simple social distancing tactics, you may replace handshakes and hugs. It will help if you take care of yourself, your hygiene, and social distancing norms to flatten the coronavirus curve.

Check on elderly neighbors: social isolation increases loneliness among individuals and more so among elderly individuals. According to Ian Mausner, phone calls, text messages, and emails are a means of connecting with individuals. When it comes to elderly neighbors, it is your responsibility to check on them regarding any assistance they require.

Reaching out to individuals in isolation: you must get in touch with those who are in quarantine via video chats, telephonic conversations, and emails. Ensure that they feel occupied and have social support when required.

Volunteer activities: with social isolation and self-quarantine measures, volunteer activities are of paramount significance. According to Ian Mausner, it is essential to deliver shopping assistance and other necessary help. Your labor and time will make a big difference in the life of another person.

Apart from this, it would help if you assist people with fears of xenophobia. Combating misinformation on the digital platform is another way of taking care of your near and dear ones. Moreover, you may perform the role of a fundraiser for individuals who are financially affected. Also, making use of video chats for making social distancing a fun activity is essential. You may share positive news with the community to show your support.

If possible, try to arrange for rent payment relief for self-quarantine individuals who do not get paid leave. Keep in mind that these are trying times and that they are not permanent. One day things will turn normal, and people will remember your act of kindness.