How do we stay well during the COVD19 pandemic? It is the question hounding everyone as people struggle to accept the new lifestyle resulting from the disruptive lockdowns and quarantines. How to deal with the pandemic while staying healthy is the biggest challenge before all, as depression, anxiety, and poor health threaten to dent our wellbeing.  Staying fit and mentally poised will help support others in the family who might be suffering from the same problems, feels Ram Duriseti.

Those working from home need to look after their wellbeing to meet the expectations of employers.  It is tough to maintain wellness and wellbeing during the unprecedented crisis that we are going through at personal and professional levels. However, there are still ways to navigate the troubled times to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ram Duriseti advises to take care of body first

When you have sound physical health, you can overcome the stress arising from the mental agony of accepting the new reality of disruptive and restricted living.  To avoid sickness, you must build strong immunity by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet so that the body receives adequate nutrition. To keep the body hydrated, consume lots of fluids, including water, natural fruit juice, and herbal tea.Abstain from drinks that contain caffeine and alcohol as it builds stress and disrupts sleep, which damages health.

Stay active

Staying active helps to maintain your body in good condition and keep the spirits high. By considering the space available at your home, create a routine of exercise, and follow it diligently. You do not need to work out for hours.Doing as little as 15-20 minutes a day for 7 days a week is good enough to keep you fit and fine during troubled times. Do some light free-hand exercises that do not require any equipment and derive inspiration from various online resources.

Do not take to short cuts

When stress keeps growing, people try to look for easy solutions to escape from reality. Avoid the lure of falling back on alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, which can be dangerous for your mental health, although it might seem to provide some temporary relief.

Tackle information overload

Bombardment of information is a significant danger.Information flows from various sources like social media, news channels, and the grapevine making it impossible to identify what is fake and what are rumors. It can lead to immense mental stress that affects physical health. Be careful in accessing information only from reliable and verified sources.Controlling the intake of information is the best way to avoid being overwhelmed and confused. 

Stay connected

Stay in constant touch with people in your social and professional circles. It will help you lighten your mental load by sharing and receiving valuable advice to better cope with the crisis. From friends, colleagues, and your managers, share your concerns and experience to reduce the loneliness and boredom despite staying far away from people.

Staying connected will imbibe positivity that gives a feeling of wellness and wellbeing.