Imagine creating your BEST DAY. One where you have a lot of energy, you are focused, you are productive, you are getting the right things done in record time. And, you feel great about your accomplishments.

The problem is many of us aren’t feeling this way right now. All of us have been affected in some way by COVID-19 and the resulting shutdown we are now living in. In varying ways, our lives and daily rhythms have been disrupted.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients, colleagues and friends is that they are feeling tired, or overwhelmed. Some are more productive but working too much and they know it. Others feel busy but not productive.

If you feel this way too, know you are not alone.

Regardless of where you are at, your daily and weekly rhythms of work and rest have been disrupted. You have been forced to adapt to the new normal and may have, without really thinking about it, created a new rhythm. The question is whether it is serving you well.

The good news is this: You can take back control of your day.

Many people don’t even realize this. They get up in the morning, start on the thing that is right in front of them, and go from activity to activity throughout the day. Before they know it, the day is over, they go to bed, and do it all over again the next day. The problem with this is when you are simply reacting to what is in front of you, you will find yourself working on things that may not be important. It will likely leave you frustrated and overwhelmed.

You have a choice. You can set up an intentional work and rest rhythm and control your day versus it controlling you. Here are 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Day:

  1. Pause. If you have fallen into a new rhythm of “react and respond” this may have become a habit that is not serving you well. Take time to pause and observe what your current day looks like. Do you have a healthy balance of work and rest? Are you working on the right things or find yourself fighting fires?
  2. Evaluate. Consider how your daily work rhythm or routine has changed. My clients admitted to being so busy just getting through they hadn’t even thought of evaluating their changed day. What’s happened in your life in response to these challenging times?
  3. Create. Start with a blank piece of paper or calendar rather than one already full of tasks. Ask yourself what type of activities would make up your most successful day. What would you spend time doing? Who would you spend time with? Be sure to add positives into your daily structure like exercise, meditation, rest, and play.
  4. Shift. Compare the new Success Day you have created with your current day. How does it look different? What would you like to add or delete? Where do you need to shift your attention and energy? Be willing to take an honest assessment of the changes you need to make. 
  5. Act. It is time to put your new Success Day into action. Get ready to do the work to make positive changes in your day. Write down what your intentional day looks like. Keep it top of mind by putting it in a place you see every day. Add specific priorities to your calendar. Give yourself reminders.

Remember – you have control over your day. Say with me, “I have control over my day.” Having an intentional daily work and rest routine is foundational for optimum performance, good health, and overall well-being.

Choose to live with intention. Implement these 5 steps and set yourself up for a day of success.