Let’s be clear from the onset. Success is a word that is as vague as it is ambiguous. What you may regard as success may not necessarily be a success to me. Every person out there has their definition of success. 

Success is finding the purpose for which you were born and fulfilling it before you die. It would be better if you died while trying to fulfill your dreams and passion. Success isn’t about amassing wealth. It is about carving your path and walking it to the end, despite how winding it could be.

Now, how do you even start talking your way to success? 

It is a universally accepted concept that how you talk, what you say, to whom you say it, and when may, after all, determine the level of success in your life. Our self-talk has the potential to open the steel gates to success or close the same doors around us. You see, the general perception we give to people outside there is generally based on how refined our speeches are. 

Before you even start thinking of breaking the ceiling through self-talk, there are fundamentals you must be alive to. Whatever comes out from your mouth are processed feelings, thoughts, and emotions that take time to build within us gradually. 

One way to spice up a conversation is by bringing in questions. Let your questions not be flat and obvious. Instead, throw in inquiries that are mind-boggling and engaging. If you’re in doubt of which kind of questions those could be, then this article, Thought-provoking questions, could be a great read. 

How do you deal with introversion- and find your potential?

There was that one point in your life when you doubted yourself. There was that feeling of seeing other people as more important than you are. At times, you know you have the capabilities, but you can’t just throw yourself into the ring. The fear of the unknown keeps holding you back. 

I will tell you about my experience as a child. As a young boy, I found it difficult to mingle with my age mates, let alone talking. I was the quiet one. I never spoke unless I was asked a question. And even if answered back, my incoherent speech could become quite evident. I had to withdraw from the volleyball team because every time I made a mistake, I felt like it was not the right thing for me. 

I am using myself as an example because I know I what I did to change my situation. My experience taught me that the only way to talk fluently was to speak. I began by leading group discussions in my junior school. When I went to high school, I joined several groups and contested vital positions. I remember one time when a public speaking competition came to our school, our teacher of Literature advised me against registering.

She was right because I hardly spoke in class. However, I was determined to be a better speaker. I don’t know what happened much that day, but at least I know I emerged as first runners up. 

Why am I sharing all these? It is because you need to practice positive self-talk consistently. Positive talk can help override the feelings of insecurity and inferiority complex, hence bringing the best in you.

Here is what you need to do

If you are keen on getting yourself to the path of success, you will need to do the following:

  • Involve yourself as much as you can. Get yourself involved in conversations and show interest in what is being discussed.
  • Be attentive during conversations. If it is a one-on-one talk, ensure you give undivided attention.
  • Be keen on what comes from other people. Paying attention to the most critical aspects of a conversation is very vital. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you ignore some part of the discourse.
  • Observe the unspoken. Get behind the scenes, know more about people you intend to talk to, and use such information to spice up your discussions. 
  • Bring out positives from the negatives. Resist the temptation of always wanting to say or give out negative comments. Instead, learn to be more positive. Doing that will improve your mood and draw people towards you.

Final Thoughts

The most successful individuals don’t need to be flattered to stay inspired. Contrary to what we think, they understand very well what they need and what to do to get them there. They do engage in positive self-talk that unearths a powerful belief. The belief alone is enough to open multiple doors to success.