The Covid19 vaccinations have had their desired effects, and as the vaccination drive gains pace across the world, there are yet no clear signs of the pandemic going away soon. The fear of the pandemic has left deep scars in our minds and is taking a toll on our mental health despite bringing the pandemic under control, observes Peter DeCaprio

The uncertain future increases our worries and anxiety that affect our wellness and wellbeing. As news about the constantly mutating virus keeps coming, and research continues about the efficacy of various vaccines with the clamor growing about the need for booster doses, no one can be at ease. The urge to lead a life like the pre-pandemic days is only causing more stress as people grow restless and ignore the health advisories.

In the absence of clear guidelines about handling things, people are perplexed if the pandemic keeps prolonging.   The fear of the pandemic is hard to erase, and a sense of insecurity is gripping everyone, which prevents us from enjoying life the way we want. Unhappiness with our lives makes us feel more unwell.

To regain the confidence of leading regular lives, the measures discussed here should be helpful to condition the mind by relieving stress.

Think only about the aspects within your control

Instead of worrying about the larger health issues and how the pandemic will end, focus on issues that relate directly to you and what you can control. Let the government and health authorities deal with the bigger problems while concentrating on keeping yourself protected and safe. Practice good hygiene like washing hands with soap and water or sanitizer, wearing a mask when you are moving outdoors, and avoiding crowded places while maintaining adequate physical distance from other people in public places. The self-protection measures are better, more confident you will feel, and the sense of being at ease relieves mental stress, confirming Peter DeCaprio

The new lifestyle needs a new routine

The sooner you accept the new reality, the easier it will be to adjust to the new lifestyle without causing any mental stress. It is useless to lament the good old days and instead try your best to adapt to the new lifestyle by creating a routine that helps to spend the day in a meaningful way. Lack of routine will make you drift through the day and cause more unhappiness.  Accept the new order forced upon us by the pandemic and never consider it as disruption. Instead, look at the positive sides and get used to it as soon as possible. Follow the new routine so that one activity leads to another and you feel happy to tick the right boxes, which gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Mix with people

Staying long hours at home can make you feel lonely and worsen your mental health. Take advantage of the various means of staying connected with people digitally through chats, social media, zoom meetings, and the like so that it helps to rejuvenate the mind by exchanging ideas.