Do you suspect that your cat or dog is suffering from fleas? An infestation of fleas is not the end of the world and it can be easily treated with a product such as Frontline. However, first you need to spot and diagnose the infestation. Luckily, fleas are not too difficult to spot with the naked eye and you will probably notice many symptoms in your pet which will let you know that they have fleas.
If you do find that your pet has fleas, it is important that you treat them with Frontline as soon as possible because the fleas can bite your pet more than 400 times in one day! Also, the fleas can spread to your carpet, furniture and bedding and even to you!
Here are some of the hints to look for that will tell you if your pet has fleas and needs a treatment of Frontline:

Itching and Scratching
Have you noticed lately that your pet has been scratching and biting itself a lot more than usual lately? Your pet will likely seem uncomfortable and unhappy and might not be acting like its normal self. You know your pet best so you will be able to notice when it starts behaving out of the ordinary.

Check for Flea Droppings
Take a close look at the underbelly of your cat or dog and search for flea droppings, which appear like tiny black dots. You will likely find them on the belly because fleas tend to congregate around this very warm part of your pet’s body. If you see these black dots you know that your pet needs a treatment of Frontline.

Comb with a Flea Comb
Another way to check whether or not your pet has fleas is to brush them with a flea comb. This is a special type of comb with very fine bristles that you can find at most pet supply stores or veterinary shops. You can then examine the comb to see if there are any fleas caught in the teeth of it.
If you see black dots on the comb, shake them out onto a moistened paper towel. If they turn a reddish brown colour you will know that they are flea droppings.

The best way to keep your pet free of fleas is to check them for these signs on a regular basis. However, if you do find that your furry friend is suffering from an infestation, do a treatment of Frontline right away to get rid of the problem. Make sure to also deal with all bedding, fabric and furniture that your pet has come in contact with so that you can be sure that the fleas are gone for good and will not spread.

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