Running an online business is a fantasy for many would-be entrepreneurs, offering the possibility of financial stability and freedom.

We’ve assembled this list of 44 online small business ideas to help you begin the process of beginning your own online business and gaining the convenience and independence that comes with it. None of these ideas for online companies need a physical storefront, so you don’t even have to deliver a physical product, only a service, for those ideas.

There’s an online business concept out there for us, regardless of your background or past job history, with the immense advancement of the internet and technology in general. Running a business online can be one of the cheapest, simplest, and most inexpensive ways to start a business in general, particularly when a laptop and internet access is everything you need.

In business communities across the globe, as working from home has become more commonplace, entrepreneurs have been encouraged to take their jobs into their own hands and go into business for themselves. Plus, if you’re not fully set to go all-in on your online company, many of these projects can be launched part-time, and it might be profitable enough to turn into a full-time gig while you develop your side hustle.

Writing freelance

If you’re talented in words, you could become a freelance journalist. You can write blog posts as long as you have an internet connection and the right keyboard and ultimately become a market leader in whatever field you are writing for.

When you have a specific area of interest or experience, it benefits, because the clients may know that you are able to speak on those subjects. However, your prose will still be the most significant aspect. Are you willing to compose clearly? Will you actually take the time and effort to grasp what you’re talking about? Do you appeal to readers who are right?

Translation in English

If you’re a good author, but you’re not so keen in writing original content, we still have some simple online business ideas for you.

For example, if you’re fluent in several languages, translating might be the perfect work. You can do it anywhere you want, as long as you have the text you’re working on, and you know the goal of the translation. This is a really brilliant online business idea if you’re trying to develop your second language lessons along the way.

Copy editing it

Editing comes in multiple forms and sizes, from copying business marketing documents to proofreading books to indexing scholarly manuscripts. As long as you have a keen eye for detail, a good understanding of grammar, and an ability to dig into the weeds, then editing might be a perfect business idea if you’re involved in working where and how you work.

Writing your blog

Although a blog isn’t necessarily a company, it can certainly help some of these online business ideas that you choose from.

Writer or artist freelance? Show off your talents at any message. Are you involved in coding, photographic and film, exercise, health, or something else? Prove your expertise by publishing excellent papers on these subjects.

The more people value your authority, the more they read—and the larger your reach, the easier it is to expand your company by blogging. Even if you’re still considering which of these online business concepts to try, blogging is never a terrible idea, since you’re building up an online profile to create.

Freelance survey

Freelance analysis is another clever online business concept that lets you work from anywhere, on your own time. You don’t need to be a great author or a born designer—only hard-working and mindful of how to get what you need.

If you’re putting together competitive analysis papers or consumer research, answering difficult technological questions on the forums, or reviewing data to point out patterns, you’re doing useful work for your clients—and doing so at a reasonable price, with the flexibility to work as you want.


If you’re going to fly around the globe, why don’t you film your journey—and make the most of those photos?

For anyone blessed in art, you may as well turn your talent into a paycheck. Free stock photo sites like ChrisGeldof, Shutterstock and iStock will give you a commission on the photographs you’re selling, so if you’re happy sharing your lens with millions of people, it’s a simple and convenient way to finance your independence.

Plus, if you’re especially creative, you may want to sell your images to more unique sites with better rates and fees even to your own website or internet shop.

Internet Recruitment

Have an ability to find the best candidates to fill the open positions? If you’re a person with strong online analysis skills, you might find this job on our online list of small business ideas: recruitment. As an internet recruiter, you will represent various companies trying to attract new workers to help them locate and screen applicants.

When a large part of the recruitment process for companies has been online, there will be no lack of the need for this form of service, particularly for smaller businesses that do not have a large HR staff or the resources and time to adequately engage in recruitment.


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