With the number of challenges associated with coronavirus, there is no shortage of creative entrepreneurs who have surfaced to help. These entrepreneurs worldwide have come up with new solutions to the problems created by the spread of COVID-19. Every entrepreneur puts in so much effort to build an organization; they come up with individual innovators who undertake four critical steps to turn a project into a viable business option.

How Brad Beman throws light on business options amidst pandemic?

The innovation should address the long-term crisis

Studies reveal that the best creations emerge in response to urgent, specific, and sizeable problems. The spread of the pandemic has given life to the most critical issues and apparent answers too. It includes the need for face masks by healthcare providers, which provided work opportunities for many laborers. It also reveals cropping problems and its necessary solution supplied by a sprouting enterprise. 

Some entrepreneurs are building on the existing trends, which are amplified and accelerated by the Coronavirus spread. It includes an increase in telehealth for remote patients to get the health services desired.

Identification of the market

As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to identify a dynamicniche for the services and products in the post-COVID scenario. Studies revealed that before the spread of COVID-19, the lack of market demand was the primary reason for a failed start-up. User-centric design is vital to stay in the market for a long. In the wake of COVID-19, two questions pop up, whether you are delivering a creation that your clients are enthusiastic about and whether there will be many passionate customers for your products in the aftermath of Coronavirus? As per Bradley Bemanif these two questions get answered positively, then there are high chances for your enterprise to flourish even after coronavirus’s negative impacts.


If you realize that your current market does not make a place in the post-covid scenario, you will need to pivot. It is essential to become proactive and go for a strategic pivot as early as possible.

Business model

As a COVID-19 inspired enterprise, it is essential to consider revenue prototypes that are aboriginal to the field. For a social enterprise, there exists a dual mission of financial growth. Acting on a proper business model can help you develop a broader understanding of the market, clients, and the strategies you need to deploy for your purpose. You may use expert advice to work on an effective plan for your business venture. They know every nook and corner of strategy formulation. 

Hence, COVID 19 has made one thing clear, that crisis breeds opportunity and innovation. Nonetheless, it is not clear that the Covid-19 inspired enterprise will succeed in the long run or not. However, by following these steps, most recent enterprises will navigate the crisis to some extent. Only if you are robust as an entrepreneur, you may bring about a change.