Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic the lives of many might have been turned upside down, particularly in the workplace. Many previously unthought of roles have now gained ‘key worker’ status and traditionally ‘stable’ sectors such as in hospitality, retail and small businesses have been left in turmoil. 

Many are undoubtedly struggling but this downtime has also provided people with the opportunity to think about the ways in which they might be able to use their existing skills through hobbies perhaps, to find work. Some may even take the brave leap and start a whole new business venture.

One positive which can be taken from these uncertain times is it has encouraged communities to be more trusting and supporting of their local and small businesses. So why not take this time to your time to turn your passion from just a hobby in a money making operation?

Perfecting your craft

It might have taken a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears, but now your favourite pastime could become your bread and butter income. Create a selection of prototype goods which can be displayed and  show off your skill set. Remember, this is where everyone starts off so don’t worry about perfecting every last part of it, this is to give you a stable product portfolio which you can continue to build upon as you progress.

Social Media Support 

At a time of lockdown and social distancing, the world has turned to social media and so it is time to get yourself out there too. Set yourself up a page on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to begin showcasing your talents. Friends and family will be your first line of support but the momentum will build. As you become more confident online you can look at ways to get yourself noticed by running competitions, winning a design or service of choice by liking and sharing a page. Building a bigger client base with the power of social media is all about being seen.

Build a brand 

The more time spent getting your name out there the more recognised your trading brand will become. Creating a catchy name or logo will help to get you noticed. Work hard to get client testimonials and document all of your creations as you go along, and you will soon be trusted as a high quality and reliable supplier. 

New Initiatives 

Once you have built a client base, in order for this to continue growing you need to actively be  moving and adapting with the latest trends. Continue to work on new designs or ways that you can improve your services and the more you can offer in a product/services portfolio, the more you can gain awareness. Online giveaways are a great way to encourage interaction and you can also gain feedback on what suits your target customer range. 

During the uncertainty of Covid-19, the importance of building a local/community customer base and a wider online platform has enabled many small businesses to not only survive but in some cases, thrive. This time has shown businesses owners the importance of having contingency plans in place and this combined with the willingness to grow your business from your passion will keep pushing you forward. There has never been a better time to turn your hobby into your working reality, so what are you waiting for?