Health and fitness is all the rage these days but you no longer need to stick to a rigid gym schedule. With an iPhone or an Apple Watch (or even both), you can track everything, from your health markers, like heart rate, blood sugar, and blood pressure, to counting calories and your exercise goals. There are tons of apps for both devices on the market today and we’ve narrowed the list down to just 10.

Top 10 Health and Fitness Apps 2020

We’ve included a choice of apps, from meal planning to fitness tracking, for both the iPhone and the Apple Watch.


MyMacros+ is the ideal app for anyone who wants to work out their macros based on their fitness goals and the free version will do just that. However, if you want to up your game, you can subscribe monthly to get access to the Macro Coach feature. Using AI, the coach continually updates your macro goals, keeping you on track all the time. You can set several nutrition targets, so you can have different macros on different days, i.e. on training days and non-training days, or for those who want to do carb cycling, alternate day fasting and so on.


8Fit makes healthy living simple. In this user-friendly app, you can get custom meal plans, workouts, and tailored help and it is ideal for users of all fitness levels. The app is focused more on bodyweight training, familiarizing you with calisthenics. Each session ranges from 5 to 20 minutes so anyone can fit them into their day and there are hundreds of home workouts and healthy recipes to choose from. With an active community, 8Fit is used by more than 12 million people the world over.

Nike+ Run Club

A free app, Nike+ offers you all you need for running. You can see your pace, distance run, elevation, mile splits, heart rate, even a GPS route and it integrates with both Spotify and Apple Music. You get to draw up your own training plan and can use more than 10 built-in audio-guided runs, including motivation, guidance, and inspiration, drawn up by elite athletes and Nike coaches. Each workout provides you with a full description, instructions and a few suggestions for your playlist. You can download the app free from TutuApp store.

Running for Weight Loss

The name gives the purpose of the app away and combines healthy eating and exercise to help you reach your weight loss goals. There are plenty of healthy recipes on offer,, meal plans and you can see your progress and running stats. There are more than a thousand workout playlists and the tempo of the music will adjust to fit your workout pace. Choose an audio-personal trainer depending on your mood – encouraging and sweet, tough, military-style, and so on.


Like many running apps, Strava provides skiing, swimming, surfing, and other activities but it is well-known for its cycling and running route network. It is highly accurate and we can even go as far as to say it’s become more like a social network. Strava shows you the route you ran or cycled, your heart rate, distance in miles or kilometers, the time it took you, and more. You can also set up group challenges to keep your motivation going, joining both your own circle of friends and others from the Strava community.

Johnson & Johnson HIIT App

A user-friendly app, Johnson & Johnson lets you set your fitness level and then bases all workout suggestions on that level. There are 5 categories to choose from, Beginner to Advanced, and the app provides hints for those who can’t figure out which level to start on. The app connects with Apple Health, lets you set a motivation level and, from that, works out the best difficulty level, and exercise/interval lengths in its Smart Workout feature.


Streaks is more of a to-do list that pushes you into good habits. You decide on something you want to do on a regular basis and the app keeps you to it. You can list 12 different tasks to track, customizing them with icons and colors and the app gives you stats to show you if your willpower is standing the test of time.


SmartGym is a great tool for weightlifters who want to track their sets and reps easily and is one of the best resistance training program tools. It copies the format that a PT would use, keeping your history, routines and body measurements for easy tracking.


Endomondo is a running app and, once you start running you get three main screens The first one show how long, how far, pace and heart rate, the second gives you more detailed information on your pace and the third provides a breakdown of how long you were in each of the5 heart zones and your current blood pressure. It is a basic heart rate tracker and GPS app but a very strong one.


Runtastic tracks every run you make and provides training plans for races and marathons. All your routes and stats are saved, giving you the motivation to beat your own records. And you can even post your stats to Twitter or Facebook from within the app. If you want more you can sync the app with your exercise ring goals and upgrade to a premium membership at $10 per month or $50 for the year. This removes the ads and gives you more advanced stats, nutrition, and other useful information.

It’s worth noting that most of the apps will work on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch, giving you the best of both worlds and letting you track your fitness, regardless of device. Fitness seems to be the main goal for many people in 2020 ad all of these apps, either alone or in combination will provide you with everything you need to track your goals.

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