To know if you are in a spiritual relationship and understand how to cultivate it to bring more unity and union in terms of connecting with your partner, you must first understand what such a relationship is.

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Quite simply, it is a relationship that is conducive to the growth of the individuals concerned.┬áIt’s a relationship where honesty and change take precedence over giving each other pleasure. Everyone – no matter who you are – will end up getting frustrated with each other in a friendly environment for a long time. It is almost impossible. Otherwise, it is inevitable, and so much the better! The magic comes when these individuals stick together, shoulder to shoulder and mend things, admit to each other, and build an even more difficult relationship than it ever was before.

The connection deepens more and more and develops so that each individual grows both individually and jointly gives birth to a creative relationship! But beyond that, Spiritual relationships are based on feelings, how you feel around each other, and the connection you share is just radiant and conscious. You start to know what the other is thinking and feeling. Therefore this allows deeper communication to take place as you communicate on a frequency that is beyond words. This communication is mental, emotional, and full of knowledge. How to know if you are in a spiritual relationship continued:

I invite you to watch this video. She is simply beautiful; she represents a testament to what a person can create when they are overwhelmed with passion in what they love to do and with whom they love to do it.

One more thing, this detail may be a clue for those of us who have a hunch right now that we are not in a whole relationship.

What you are experiencing right now is perfect, beautiful, and can become whatever you want it to be. It just needs a little work, a little communication, and an irreverence of love!

The Spiritual Power Of Relationships

Interpersonal relationships in our life are a powerful instrument of spiritual growth, the supreme aim of achieving the unity of consciousness. When we look at others around us, we realize that we are observing another version of ourselves. We are all mirrors to others, and we must learn to keep ourselves in the reflection of other people. This is called: the mirror of relationships.

When you look around, everything you observe is an expression of yourself. Specifically, the people who are in your life reflect certain aspects and characteristics that you possess. You are a collection of all the people who are important to you. Each person around you represents a quality that you want to have or that you reject. It is from those you love and hate intensely that you will learn the most: some reflect your greatest aspirations, and others reflect your deepest fears.

We tend to believe that the people who dislike us have nothing in common with us. This is not the case. It’s just that we are not always willing to accept certain aspects of our personality.

We all have a share of light and shade. If you are naturally drawn to someone, ask yourself what attracts you. Is it his intelligence, his grace, his talents? Likewise, if you feel pity for another person, ask yourself what it is that you dislike about them. Whatever it is, know that these qualities and their faults reside in you as well.

By using the mirror of relationships, you learn to accept yourself as a whole. The coexistence of opposing qualities is the very nature of the universe. You cannot be brave if you do not harbor a coward inside you. You cannot be good and generous without having the ability to do evil. We often refuse to admit the dark part of our being. And we end up projecting our faults onto others. When we get to know our health and weaknesses, talents, and challenges, we expand our awareness and begin to heal our relationships and ourselves. In this way, we realize that we are a whole and whole being.

You Can Do The Following Exercise To Help You Embrace Your Duality:

1. Think of someone you love. Write down ten qualities that this person possesses.

2. Think of someone who irritates you. Write down ten qualities that you don’t like about her.

3. Think a second time about the person you find attractive and identify three traits in them that are not.

4. Think again about the person you dislike and identify three character traits in them that are relatively endearing.

5. Now, identify three qualities that you can attribute to yourself and three qualities that absolutely cannot be applied to you.

6. Read these six qualities aloud and understand that you are all of these qualities and character traits. The rates that you deny the most are also part of you and probably create the most uproar in your life.

Once you accept yourself in your entirety, it will be much easier for you to relate to others and feel the awareness of oneness. This is the power of the mirror of relationships.

What Is Spiritual Awakening In Relationships, And How Can It Impact A Relationship?

Consciousness is unified with the Universe (or the divine depending on your belief). Your state of consciousness is not limited to your body and mind but encompasses the entire Universe.

If you are undergoing a spiritual renewal, you will be informed of certain information that others do not see or feel, so your exchanges may be more complicated. A spiritual awakening in relationships is a relatively painful experience for those going through it, as you will feel new energies. Spiritual awakening in relationships can be problematic if you are the only one in your group of friends to realize the vastness of the Universe or the only one in your relationship. The spiritual awakening in the couple can lead to certain discords caused by a misunderstanding on both sides.

Also, suppose you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. In that case, your soul is suffering, and you are not ready to start a new relationship. You have to begin the healing process before you can engage with someone. You are going to have to confront the darker parts of your being and humanity. It will take a lot of energy for you to overcome these trials. Spiritual awakening is a healing process, and it heals your emotions, mind, and even your physical body. At the end of the process, you may not be in tune with the life you lead or in your relationships with your current group of friends. You may be looking for other friends who fit well with your new aspiration of life. Spiritual awakening in relationships can be a blessing like the end of a story. Only the future will tell.