We meet different people in our work. Also, superiors are well, sometimes misunderstood, sometimes adored, and sometimes hated. How to recognize what kind of boss you are dealing with when – let’s say – you start working in a new company? A horoscope can be very helpful. Knowing the zodiac sign your boss belongs to, you can get to know him better from about his weaknesses, advantages, and everything that will be useful to you at work.

Aries as the boss

Strengths: inspirational, dynamic, glowing with a good example.
Weaknesses: inattentive, unconscious, stressed.
Team behavior: confrontational, stubborn, demanding.

Bull as a boss

Strengths: careful, stable in operation, polite
Weaknesses: insensitive, inflexible, and unobjectionable
Behavior: engaged, open, informative

Twins as the boss

Strengths: communicative, interesting, lively, and energetic.
Weaknesses: nervous, shallow, distracted.
Team behavior: flexible, logical, has vision

Cancer as the boss

Strengths: pure, striving to maintain harmony, calm
Weaknesses: too demanding, sensitive to criticism, avoids trouble, meticulous
Team behavior style: emotional, emphatic, and persuasive

Lion as boss

Strengths: proud, fair, fond of commanding
Weaknesses: egocentric, power-hungry, selfish
Team behavior: generous, open, friendly

Virgo as a boss

Strengths: pragmatic, logical, rational.
Weaknesses: emotionally cool, unsympathetic, not communicative.
Team behavior: economical, literal, laconic

Libra as a boss

Strengths: nice, charismatic, liked.
Weaknesses: self-destructive, conceited, seems to always be in need.
Team behavior style: magnetic personality, friendly and charming

Scorpio as the boss

Strengths: strong (and even powerful), polite, goal-oriented.
Weaknesses: rough, memorable, never forget harm, inflexible
Style of behavior in a team: dominant, serious, tenacious

Sagittarius as the boss

Strengths: fast, energetic, predictive.
Weaknesses: taciturn, incomprehensible, and unfriendly.
Team behavior: impulsive, independent, independent

Capricorn as the boss

Strengths: confident, determined, dominant.
Weaknesses: stubborn, inattentive, lacking sensitivity.
Team behavior: solid, authoritarian, concrete

Aquarius as the boss

Strengths: open, positive, fast
Weaknesses: elusive, deceptive, changeable, and impatient
Team behavior: unpredictable, uncontrollable, direct

Fish as a boss

Strengths: emphatic, generous, friendly.
Weaknesses: overprotective, susceptible to manipulation, oversensitive.
Team behavior: flexible, relaxed, and suggestive