High productivity is crucial for every business. We all, as business owners or employees, know it. However, the survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there has been a consistent drop in workplace productivity in almost all sectors – nonfarm and manufacturing. The decrease in productivity was seen when smartphones became prominent and are becoming an integral part of today’s daily life. With this, a question is rising that Is the use of technology causing the sharp decline in workplace productivity?

Some experts advise banning the use of technology in the workplace. However, the truth is that the technology can be used to increase work productivity. You just need to maintain some discipline and make fruitful efforts. The write-up has disclosed some ways that can help you utilize technology to increase productivity at your workplace. Keep reading until the end.

Ensure the use of the right technology

It is hoped that all of you all know that technology can be a blessing or a curse for productivity enhancement based on its utilization. With the use of the right tools, bringing an increase in workplace productivity is possible. You have to decide when and where you need a productivity boost. It can be in research work, daily life, or employee works in your office. Identify the right time and tool before the utilization.    

Stay organized with cloud-based tool/software

As a business owner, you would have faced a project delay, a system (computer) crash with essential files, a required document search, or teammates working offline.

For a smooth business operation, you need to have all your assets, projects, and milestones in sync. Also, you should have easy access to all of them. In the current world, most of the companies use cloud-based tools or software to keep their valuables safe. They do so to have easy access to everything. For creating an excellent work environment, you too use cloud-based tools like Wrike, Basecamp, Asana,  

Use time management system to count every second 

You need to have a comprehensive understanding of your work clock if you are serious about increasing productivity and performance at your workplace. For an improved work environment, you need to have control over the time you waste on working days due to distractions, your contribution to the growth of the company, and official working hours. With the use of a tools, you and your employees will make most of your time. Consequently, your employees will become more efficient. For example, you can utilize time management systems like Toggl, Harvest, Rescue Time, Time Camp, and TimeBoy

Manage passwords effectively

Passwords are very sensitive. In place of biometric authentication, there is a threat of passwords. Most of the applications offer an intuitive and seamless UX like a voice recognition for the payment or a selfie for entrance into a premise. However, proper password management is crucial in today’s world, and you need to keep all your passwords safe. Resetting or reissuing passwords are costly in points of finance and operation. You can use password management tools like HYPR and Bojan Simic.

Add fun to your workplace by personalizing it with labels

You know stress and boredom hamper your employee productivity and performance. Addition of fun at the workplace has helped employers to reduce stress and distraction. As a result, they observe a remarkable increase in work performance and efficiency. At your workplace, you can stick personalize custom labels. You can use labels as badges or reward material for recognizing an employee’s performance and encourage employees better.    

Utilize chrome extensions

We human beings want to do a lot of things in less time. You want to get more work done in the limited working hours. For this, you and your employees add all the essential tools to your chrome browser. With this, you can access them quickly. For example, you can add tools like Latpass, Arlyn Scales, and Arnie Gordon

Install a calendar app to organize your time

Most people underrate calendars and avoid using the same as their productivity tool. You know reminders do well with proper planning. Your productivity rails guide you as you enter the week into your calendar. For instance, you can utilize calendar apps like ZipBooks and Timothy Chaves.      

Use some free applications

There is no need to invest money in all activities or apps to increase your efficiency. You can come across several free applications as you will search for the same. For example, you want to increase productivity in your daily life. You can use mobile alarm, mobile grocery order & pickup, application based scheduling, and such more.    

Use technology to reach faster

For a better and enhanced workplace productivity, you or your employees need to reach the target place before or on the scheduled time. Taking public transport can cause a delay. With the use of the right technology, you can escape yourself from transportation hurdles and reach faster. For example, you can utilize mobile apps like Uber, Ola, and Rapido to reach your workplace faster if you don’t own a vehicle/car.   

Utilize technology to have meeting or conference

In your business operation, it is not possible for you to have face-to-face meetings all the time. You can have to be out of your office or even your city. Sometimes, you would be in the middle of your trip. At such a time, you should utilize technology or apps like Skype for video conferencing.


The tools or software systems mentioned above are representative examples. In your search, you can come across such more tools that can help you enhance your work environment and workplace productivity. There is no need to make a huge investment. You can use free tools or make a low investment for improved work performance and productivity.