Use the Current Crisis for Self Development and Personal Growth

The term new normal may sound convincing, but no, there is nothing normal about the current crisis. We have lost a million lives to COVID-19 in the past few months. Is losing lives the new normal? Or how we are hardly able to see our friends or go to work the new normal? It hits us hard to think of the situation we are put in. And, it looks like the crisis may take longer than expected to get over. So, what do we do in the meantime? While most of our time at home is spent in meeting our work from home targets, we have a pretty decent number of hours to relax, don’t we? All the time spent commuting to the office and waiting in traffic signals is all yours now. Why not use it for self-development and personal growth? 

By personal growth, I mean sharpening your skills. Are you a bad cook? Spend some time learning to cook. Are you bad at driving? Ask your friend to teach you to drive. Instead of whiling away the golden time, it is wise to put your best foot forward and focus on self-development. Here are a few things you can do to mold your skills during the crisis.

1. Go Social

Social Networking apps help you connect with people. Instead of just scrolling through your feed, use the platform to bring about a change. Talk about issues like period poverty and try to educate the masses through your knowledge. Start a live video and express your opinions on a certain topic for the betterment of society. By doing this, you are not only making an impact but also developing self-confidence and the ability to exhibit your thoughts to the world.

2. Read a Book

This is one hobby I always suggest to people. The habit of reading opens doors to several of your abilities that you thought never existed before. It doesn’t matter if you read fiction, science, or biographies, all that matters is the habit of reading. You learn new words, new cultures, new people, and whatnot. I would like to share with you a famous quote, “Once you learn to read, you’ll be forever free”. Start reading and you’ll get to know why I mentioned this quote.

3. Play Trivia & Quizzes

One of my favorite and productive pastimes is to play trivia and quizzes. Some days I’d grab my laptop and start answering questions on celebrities, movies, and books, and other days I’d become all serious and start reading history trivia and take up geography quizzes. There are also days when we, friends, would team up and play baseball trivia and other sports games online. Little did we know back then that it was one of the best ways for personal growth. Yes, we got to know amazing facts and info on a variety of topics that we wouldn’t have known otherwise.

4. Try solving a Rubik’s Cube

Many of us are not aware that a Rubik’s cube is more than just a game. It improves your memory power, teaches patience, and the way you think. It’s a mind game that will boost your concentration as well. Today, there are a lot of YouTube tutorials on how to solve one. Now that you have a lot of free time, get your fingers on a Rubik’s cube.

5. Fight Your Fears

There is no better time than now to fight your fears. Take a deep breath and start doing what you fear the most. For instance, I’d be extremely intimidated with crowded places. Likewise, you may have fear of closed spaces or fear of heights. Only by facing these phobias, you can overcome them.

6. Give up an Addiction

Drinking, smoking, and drugs are not the only addictions that exist. Eating junk food, living a sedentary life, sticking to your mobile all day long is equally unhealthy. Make use of the time that you have to get over your addiction. Consult a doctor and change your lifestyle to stay out of addiction. A healthy body helps you have a sound mind. 

Now that we have a lot of time to shape ourselves for the better as we stay home during the crisis, it is wise to make complete use of it. Always remember, nobody can take better care of you than you.