If you have heard about manifestation and you’re keen to start playing games with the universe by using Law of Attraction to bring your goals into reality, I’m going to give you five ways you can start calling in your desires starting from today.

  • Let go of what doesn’t serve you

Whether that’s the odd socks in the ironing pile or deep rooted beliefs about yourself it’s a good sign to the universe when you ‘let go of the old’ to make space for something new.

Try decluttering your physical environment whether thats a kitchen drawer or your walk in wardrobe…

Next declutter your mind making a brain dump of all the ‘things’ that you need to do and haven’t, then make a list of all the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you (bonus points if you burn them too!)

  • Put your desires out to the universe

Create a vision board, with pictures of your dream belongings, destinations and experiences. Feel the feels of what it would be like, be a day dreamer.

Loose yourself in the vision like you’re already there…

What can you smell?

What sounds can you hear?

Can you feel the sand between your toes or the cold hard floor beneath your feet?

Can you taste the coffee purely through the strong aroma it exudes?

You don’t have to worry about the HOW right now, just have fun and play the game.

  • Don’t stress, ALLOW instead

If you try to FORCE, your goals will take longer to come into fruition… 

Instead, go day dreaming like it’s already done and take actions like it’s already happened.

GO test drive that car, go buy the baby outfit, set a place at the dinner table for your soulmate to arrive.


  • Listen to your intuition and take the nudges you are given

So often people struggle to manifest simply because they do not listen or act on the inspiration provided TO them through the universe, god, angels or spirit (whatever your beliefs may be)

They don’t take action because ‘they had a silly idea, nobody would go for that, or that would NEVER work..’

Sound familiar?

What if next time you took inspired action in complete trust and faith that you were given the ‘nudge’ FOR YOU to be able to come one step closer to your goal?

  • Give thanks for the signs and the smaller manifestations along the way

The universe responds to our energy, so when you feel GOOD about something, you can attract MORE of it.

You can be grateful for the water running from your taps, the clothes on your back.

Appreciating the smaller things in life will shift your vibration and put you on the level of receiving and ‘more’.


Expect Success

Love Julia x