Stress can be quite hard to deal with. This is especially true depending on the type of person you are. Many of us carry around stress that is either induced by external environmental facts such as work, family and bills. The other type of stress is self-inflicted where you apply pressure on yourself, which brings upon loss on confidence and anxiety. Social media can also cause stress. The ability to be constantly connected to others can also make you lose sight of yourself. Smartphones are understated and often receive bad press. However, smartphones can help individuals cancel out the noise of the world around them and help improve lower stress levels. Here are a few apps specially designed to help reduce and manage stress. 

Gaming- Monument Valley

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Monument Valley is a game where users need to guide their avatar through a geometrically designed puzzle world. The users need to rotate pieces of the tower they are climbing, creating optical illusions to try and get their avatar, a little princess, across. The colours and the music in the game help users relax and unwide even when the puzzle gets a bit difficult. The problem solving a concentration on the game can help reduce stress and clear the mind. The game offers users a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture along with impossible geometry, which makes it interesting. 

Mindfulness- Mindfulness Coach

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Mindfulness is reaching a level of self-identification by noticing and paying attention to what is going on in the present moment. The Mindfulness coach app will help users understand and adopt simple mindful practices with their gradual, self-guided training programmes. The app offers a library of information about mindfulness and 12 audio-guided mindfulness exercises. The app contains a growing catalogue of additional exercises which are free to download. The apps also have goal-setting and tracking capabilities to help track your progress over time. You can also set customisable reminders and access other support resources. 

Meditation- Headspace 

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Headspace can help you gain some life-changing meditation skills in just a few minutes per day. The app houses hundreds on sessions on physical health, personal growth, anxiety and stress management. The session son the app are designed to give users stress relief as well as better focus and help them feel better. The app on your smartphones will help you meditate anywhere and at anytime. The small exercises on the app are designed to help you stay focus, breath, remain calm and most importantly create a clearer mind and better conditions for a good nights sleep. 

Music- Relaxing music- sleep sounds

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Listening to relaxing music can have a positive effect on the mind. Our sense plays a big part in our lives, and although some of them are not as dominant as others, we can sometimes forget they too can have a negative and positive effect on us. For example, what we taste and what we touch is has more of a reaction from us because we choose to do those things, unlike hearing. For this reason, listening to relaxing music can help. The Relaxing Music app is excellent for fatigue, insomnia and stress. Its can also help sore nerves. The app can improve concentration. Stress relief and relieves tinnitus. 

Track health- Google Fit

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Google fit can help you stay healthy by helping to monitor your health conditions. This is great to help relieve stress as you will be able to identify where you are going wrong from a health perspective. The excellent heart monitor, paired with a wearable device, can help you manage your heart rate. In turn, this can help you identify the times in the day when you are most stressed. By being able to identify this, you will be able to cut d own or stop those activities and used along with the apps, and you can genuinely change your stress levels. 

Colouring- Pigment Adult colouring book

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Art is a strong stress reliever. Studies have shown that spending a small portion of your day doing art can have the same effect on a person such as meditation. Pigment will allow users to indulge in thousands of colouring pages with professionally drawn images. They can help enhance concentration, increase overall mindfulness and inspire creativity.