Living off the grid is a mere dream to many of us, but it doesn’t have to be. You just have to know how to do it. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people trying to disappear but they just didn’t know the pitfalls to look out for. Well if you’re serious about life off the grid, here’s your guide to getting started.

First Things First
Before you go off buying survivalist gear, get to know the laws in the area you plan to live. There are many State and local regulations regarding off the grid living. These regulations can range from restricting rainwater collection to preventing you from camping on your own land. One of the most common roadblocks you’ll run into is building structures with materials that were not purchased commercially or without building permits. Understanding the laws in the area you want to disappear in will make for an easier transition.

Claim Your Land
Look for a piece of land that is as remote as you can find and near to things that you’ll need, such as water and trees. If you can’t find an area that already has a good clearing for building you can clear the trees yourself and use the wood to build your structure. Before you jump in feet first, do some camping on the property to really get to know the area and understand the lay of the land. Just because an area looks great for the garden doesn’t mean there aren’t layers of rocks just under the soil. Spending time there and getting to know the land is the best way to save you from unpleasant surprises.

Plan For The Transition
Life off the grid isn’t an easy transition and requires a lot of thought and planning. Once you know where you want to disappear to, you’ll need to plan for the necessities. Water, shelter, energy, food and protection should be at the top of your list. Start gathering the tools and equipment you’ll need. Once you’re out of mainstream life getting things you may have forgotten will become a lot harder. If you want to live off the grid but aren’t a fan of truly roughing it you’ll want to consider sustainable energy. While this requires quite a bit of upfront investment as you build wind turbines and lay solar panels, it will allow you to live a more comfortable off the grid lifestyle.

Know How To Grow Your Own Food
Growing fruits and vegetables sounds easy until you wake up one day and realize nothing grew and now you have no food. Read, study and learn about the area you’ll be living in and what has the highest likelihood of growing in that area. Caring for a garden requires knowing how certain plants grow, which plants will choke out the ones nearest to it, when to plant what, and how much sun and water they all need. You’ll also need to consider the wildlife living near you. They won’t hesitate to eat your food right off the vine.

While this is not nearly everything you’ll need to do and learn, it is a beginning. Each avenue will lead to more and more information and before you know it, you’ll be off the grid and living well.

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