Work Remotely

Starting to work remotely with the work you already have is possible. There are a series of small steps we can take and some tips to get you started working from home at least one day a week.

Normally, you see the possibility of working remotely with that job you already have impossible and the truth is not. Asking for one day a week to work from home is as intimidating as asking for a raise, but what can you lose?

The reaction of managers who are prepared to handle resignations from people who want a change in their lives, dedicate themselves to traveling the world, is impressive, but those people determined to change their lives but who do not want to lose the, On the contrary, people who want to increase their productivity from the transition from their traditional to remote role already have.

As we discussed earlier, requesting at least one day of remote work can be argued from your quest to increase productivity with what you do, and indirectly with this you demonstrate your commitment to the company and your responsibility to assume any type of risk. Without a doubt, talking about remote work is talking about progress for the company through its insertion into new forms of work, and who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?

The Beginning

You want to request a remote workday to increase your productivity and boost the way you work, but you don’t know how to start. If you work in a company where you work in person, and remote work is not conceptualized in it, you should start to insert this idea little by little. 

You can start by requesting one day a week of remote work, under the premise of increasing productivity, of energizing traditional forms of work. From this, you can demonstrate your ability to work remotely, your responsibility to carry out the assigned activities, and you can also demonstrate to yourself that you can work from home successfully. Get to know about the best id card idsbuddy via reading online.

Starting from this idea, you can negotiate in the long term to include more days of remote work in your daily routine, it can even reach the point where you can negotiate more flexible hours, opportunities to work remotely from anywhere in the world, and even safe promotions at work.

Things to keep in mind when discussing working remotely

It is necessary, before talking about the possibility of working remotely that you should analyze, firstly to define if this option is viable for you and secondly if it is viable for the company. Analyzing these aspects will allow you to guide the conversation towards the results you are looking for. 

  • From your current position, is it possible to work remotely?

You must deeply analyze the responsibilities that your current position entails, define if the activities you do daily can be carried out remotely. This is the beginning of your conversation.

  • Willingness and motivation

Taking this step requires deep self-reflection. Are you willing and motivated to work from home, without having the physical presence of your boss? Are you able to be more productive on your own? You must understand that working remotely will not have direct supervision and every act is your responsibility. 

  • Are most of your activities done through a screen?

If you find that most of your activities are done behind a screen, you are ready to work remotely. When we say behind a screen we refer to activities such as chats, video calls, design, coding, among others.

  • Is there the possibility of communicating with your team by video call?

Many times we attend face-to-face meetings where we delay time and do not make the most of the meeting due to the distractions of a room full of people. Meetings by video calls allow you to make the most of your time, they conform to a previously built agenda, in them, you are aware of the time you have and when you should leave.

  • Can you freeze one workday a week?

If you can move your video calls and tasks to leave a blocked workday where you only dedicate yourself to deeper and more focused work, remote work is the solution. When you leave the busy office, full of distractions, to work on something specific, your productivity increase will be noticeable. 

  • When carrying out your work, do you need collaboration or are you looking for time alone?

In this regard, you must identify what situation you resort to when you need to carry out your work. Is the key to your productivity at work when you work surrounded by people or when you manage to work alone? It is important that you are clear that remote work can offer you both scenarios, but you must answer these questions to know if remote work is a viable strategy to carry out your role within the company. Read more and get to know about california id card idbuddy.

It is important to answer the above questions, clearly and honestly, before setting up space with your boss to propose this strategy as a new way of working for your role within the company.