Guest Blogging

The 21st century is all about creativity. People and companies are finding new ways of marketing. From traditional marketing strategies to blogging and now “Guest Posting” and whatnot. Every company is striving to stand out in the cyber world and want to create value for their platforms. For this purpose, they have found yet another online marketing strategy commonly known as “Guest Posting.”

Never heard of it? Well, keep reading. “Guest Posting” is a relatively new marketing strategy in which a blogger creates unique content and posts it on another website with the name of the author. Most often, the website, the author is writing for has some relevance to that of the author’s blog or website resulting in mutual benefits for both.

Why Is “Guest Posting” Beneficial?

Guest posting is beneficial because it will increase the reach and engagements for your content. It will generate work for you, making your brand or product or work famous. It will open new ways for your business and will satisfy the urge you have for writing.

How to Write a Perfect Guest Post?

If you are willing to increase traffic on your website, guest posting must be the first thing on your mind. If you are wondering how can you do it? Keep reading, and you will find the most natural and essential tips and tricks to create the perfect guest posts.

1.      Plan and Organize:

If you have been writing guest posts for a while now, you must be aware that it is a hassle to choose the website you have to write for. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you select the sites that have a resemblance to your work. Do not just choose any website, be smart and choose the website that is relevant in some way to generate authentic traffic. Search appropriately before making any plans to write.

2.      Look Out For Credible Bloggers:

People won’t come out of the blue and ask you to write for them. You will have to make an effort if you want to succeed. Google the keyword “Write for us,” “Guest Post Submission,” “Guest Posting”, etc. to find websites that allow external writers to publish content. In addition, you can add a relevant keyword with the ones mentioned above to search for sites that fall under your niche.

3.      Be Yourself:

Know that every writer has a different writing style, and so do you. Make sure you don’t hesitate while writing for a new website and carry on with your unique writing style.

4.      Know Your Audience:

Everybody indeed writes differently, but the audience you are writing for will be different from your blogging website. Before you start preparing your content, it will be helpful if you have a look at the audience of that site, so that you can write stuff that won’t offend them.

5.      The introduction is Key:

The audience on the guest post submission site isn’t familiar with who you are. If you can’t write an engaging start to your post, do not write at all!

Most of the people won’t read the whole blog if the introduction is not good. Use your creativity to make the introduction worth reading. Your introduction will decide whether or not the reader should continue reading or bounce off. An engaging start with an attempt to connect with your readers can put you in a win-win position.

6.      Tell The Audience Who You Are:

While writing the post, make sure you tell them about yourself. If you have a story that can be related to your blog post, you should include that. It makes the audience feel related. You can also introduce yourself and mention your business and expertise in the blog post you are writing. If people don’t know you, they will question your credibility and won’t even bother to go to your website. Storytelling has turned out to be a crucial content marketing strategy in the modern business environment.

7.      Request The Host To Promote Your Post:

If, by now, you have written a guest post for any website, gratefully ask them to promote your post on their social media. The reason being, we live in the era of social media. Using social media is as essential as breathing. If you have written a fantastic piece and haven’t requested the host to share on their social media platforms, the results won’t be good enough.

8.      Keep an Eye on the Analytics

How do you know if anything is working for you unless you see the results? The same goes for your guest posting strategy. You can use Google Analytics to keep an eye on the number of users that enter your site through the recent guest posts you have submitted. That way, you’ll be able to understand what your next move should be or area where improvement is required.

9.      Don’t Stop:

Writing just one guest post won’t lead you to your desired results. You have to keep writing. Write for as many hosts as possible; this will make you create value for your products or brand. However, never ignore quality while going for quantity. No matter how many guest post deals you close, always maintain the quality of your blogs. The better the content, the greater the chance of it getting ranked higher on Google and other search engines.

Ending Words:

Some people still believe that blogging is not a good marketing strategy. We live in the age of digitalization, and if we don’t evolve with the time we will not only be left behind but will also be the ones closing down our businesses.

The competition is intense and to fight with that we do need to learn to market our content and brand. If you want to write and are thinking about your first stop, this article provides you with everything you need to know about guest posting; the ideal content marketing strategy.