When we talk about the subconscious mind, this refers to the inner force that drives human behavior. It defines our reactions and automatic actions that we can be aware of should we think about them. 

Unknown to many, a person’s subconscious mind can become a powerful tool that can pave the way to success as long as it’s trained and wield properly. With a trained subconscious mind, there are several ways that it can help people overcome challenges that may come their way. 

This is how the Greek-based mindset coach and founder of Freedom Coaching, Lee Twelftree, deals with stress and burnout. According to him, by reprogramming his subconscious mind, he adapts to any circumstances that life may throw his way, making him more prepared to face challenges head-on. 

“I do affirmations quietly to myself on whatever desired goal I want. My subconscious accepts it as true and this is how I do not get stressed or burnt out,” he said. 

Aside from keeping his mind in top condition, Lee also keeps his body in shape. With both his mental and physical abilities in good condition, the business coach is sure to rise above any adversity. 

Lee added that when it comes to facing obstacles, the focus should be on the solution to the problem, and not the problem itself. In doing so, his mind can picture different scenarios and possible approaches that can lead him down the right course of action. 

Be the Person You Want to Be in Life 

As a mindset coach who has already established himself in the industry and has coached numerous clients, Lee’s advice to those who want to make it in life is to believe that they are the person they want to be in life. 

“This can be done by acting the way you want to be. Act the life you want until you become good at it, and you become it,” he said. 

For instance, should a person aspire to become a high-earning entrepreneur, then they must channel the right mind, attitude, and work ethics that such a person possesses to be able to climb the ladder of success. 

Someone to Look Out For 

Through his company, Freedom Coaching, Lee has enabled countless others to become the person they want to be and achieve the goals that they set out for themselves. 

Lee offers a no-nonsense approach to coaching that results in business development that enables his clients to set the bar so high, that they will rise above their competitors. 

For more information, visit Lee Twelftree’s Instagram account (@leetwelftree).