Everyone wants to have more happiness in their life. Like many others, I found myself yearning for something to bring more joy to my life, and through traveling I have found all that through the experience of journeying.

Taking a journey and exploring nature, or foriegn lands, is far different than simply vacationing. Once you begin to adventure, you experience the yearning to explore more mountaintops and experience cultures from all over.

This involves letting go of all solid schedules. Go somewhere and simply explore the space. There is so much to behold, and learning this has completely transformed my own life.

Traveling Ignites a New Passion

Traveling holds so many benefits, it is easy to overlook the main one. Traveling is an activity and passion in itself. It adds worth to your life through the growth you will see in yourself and your own ideas. Seeing the bold contrasts in people also makes you more open minded.

Something to be passionate about is needed, so you are always excited to start each new day, with your love of traveling in mind. Traveling will never be completely fun, or go smoothly, all the time. It is important to always keep in mind ways to eat healthy on your journey, since fast food is so prevalent in most cities and large landmarks. It’s also cheaper to not eat out so much!

Traveling Brought Me Serendipity

Serendipity is seeing value in the unexpected or finding small bits of happiness that are not commonly looked at closely. All of the small details that were different in each destination I went could place me in unexpected situations. For example, I slowly saw how coincidental, or similar to fated, life is.

Once while biking in Singapore, my belt broke. I knew little of the language at the time, but since I had nothing on my itinerary I relaxed by a food booth. As the store owners went on break for lunch, a few men were left in the square and we exchanged the few words I knew. Turns out they were here to find work, having gone through the Singapore Visas for Indians program, and one specialized in bikes. This perfect place perfect time situation got my bike fixed, all while we could not connect fully through language. They themselves were staying on a

Traveling Makes Home Becomes A Beloved Beacon

Distance does make the heart grow fonder when it comes to ‘home.’ It is easy to get tired of a hometown, or somewhere you’ve lived for an extended amount of time. However, once you begin to travel, you will often long for your home, so when you have that time relaxing, the boredom is truly welcomed.

Even the nature around you will make you appreciate your home for what it has. If you usually reside among lush trees and hills, the stark desert will show you a different type of beauty.

Traveling Truly Opens Up Your Mind

To stay in the environment you have grown accustomed to, and not to experience all the world has is a shame. It is almost like living in a box.

This goes hand in hand with what we expect from the world. Once you see it with your own eyes, it shows how little you actually knew about a particular culture or aspect of nature. By traveling you get to receive bits of knowledge from those in all walks of life. While some may surprise you, it will usually be good surprises.

Traveling Shows People Have Similar Goals and Needs

People from distinctly different lands will have eerily similar qualities, as you will see once you begin traveling. Knowing others have the same basic needs wherever you go is how you can begin to feel comfortable interacting with anyone in a new land. Making friends will become increasingly easier, as well.

Traveling Shows Us How Wonderful Life is

Life is truly a gift, and everyday is a brand new adventure. Even if you are not in the midst of traveling, know the time you set aside for these experiences will become a new way of life. You will appreciate the free time in a new place, while also knowing there is so much at home to be excited for, as well. Traveling can add that special touch to ‘home sweet home.’ Most travels hardly end in someone saying they never want to take a trip, or holiday, again. The experience will always stand out in your mind, no matter the twists and turns it takes. Traveling not only opens your mind to the cultures of others, but it will help you find peace. Through traveling, I have transformed my life to begin looking forward to each waking moment, and appreciating the small things I commonly overlooked.