While most business managers have overlooked representing digital talent, Travis Guterman has made a living working with these people. Between YouTubers and entertainers, he has capitalized on his long time passion for YouTube as a platform as he has a deep understanding of how massively successful these content creators can be. In a field where most of his competition is older and does not quite understand the content, believing social media as a whole is a bubble that will soon pop. As Guterman has gravitated towards these digital talents, his business has continued to thrive.

As a kid, Guterman not only had an interest in YouTube, but in business as well. In high school, when most kids his age were lounging all summer, Guterman had an internship at Merrill Lynch and took summer business classes at a local community college. With his work ethic already planted and him experiencing real world events such as the Great Recession firsthand at his internship, it is no surprise he has had such success as a professional at a young age. 

After he graduated college, he spent time at both a large investment firm and a startup. With two tremendous work experiences under his belt, his transition into celebrity business management was smooth and quickly successful. He currently manages athletes on top of his YouTube and entertainer clientele, and acts essentially as the personal CFO for these clients. He takes a holistic approach to addressing his clients’ needs and works with them to achieve their short term and long term financial goals. 

His biggest piece of advice for his clients is to always think long term. He emphasizes how short term financial decisions can have a major impact on long term goals, and it is crucial to evaluate long term goals before making a major purchase. He also emphasizes the importance of paying themselves first, essentially putting money aside for saving or investing before paying bills and spending.

Guterman certainly would not be where he is today without his family. They have constantly pushed him to improve himself and pursue a life that makes him happy, and have been supportive throughout the entire process. He has also learned a ton from his colleagues and friends at other companies, people that have always given him guidance and support through all of his decisions and experiences. Everyone is only as strong as their support system, and Guterman has been blessed to have a tight knit group of people that he has been able to rely on for guidance on his path to success.