In the past three years, I have completed five triathlons, and I have realised how this has been a great source of inspiration and balance for my entrepreneurial journey that I have started at the same time.

1. It has helped me push my mental boundaries

Especially when I believed I have reached my physical ones, then I used my mental resilience to support the physical effort. And I tried to transpose this mind mechanisms in my daily work, to ensure when my physical energy is low, I switch my mental energy on to refocus on my professional goals.

2. It has taught me to persist a bit more

To persist and focus. Persistence in training, persistence in learning. It is about training diligently, managing progress, learning to improve, training again and keeping an agile mind-set to thrive during the race and at work. And it pays!

3. To be mindful of the moment

Well you don’t have the choice, it is only about the moment, being in a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present.

…and you can’t escape it. You have to be fully focussed and ensure your body and mind are connected. Being in the moment is fundamental to achieve any goals, and I am trying to transpose that in my professional environment….

4. Positive energy is a great source of inspiration

For yourself, primarily. The positive energy that comes from the achievement from the hormones is a great source of inspiration that you can and should further leverage for yourself and redirect to other areas of your life, be it your work, your family or your social activities. Positive energy is a great tool to engage and inspire your family or colleagues to face new challenges and projects.

Triathlon has taught me how to build my mental game and boost my muscles of confidence to ride the bumpy road of entrepreneurship with focus and resilience.