Tuned in Tokyo was founded in 2015 by Frankie Quiroz and Brian Porter in the United States. They first grew their accounts and social media presence, then decided to take the next step and launch a clothing line focused on the world of cars and tuning.

The Tuned in Tokyo Movement

At the current rate and the pace that they are growing, Tuned In Tokyo as a company plans to become a household name and brand for now and many more years to come. Currently, Tuned has hosted many events that have filled arenas. The idea is to ensure that everyone in the JDM community becomes part of something that they love doing.

How did you guys get your idea or concept for Tuned In Tokyo?

We have always liked cars and we wanted to create something for the automotive industry that they would see themselves wear at car meets. So we decided why not create relatable designs that people will enjoy while still having that automotive feel to it.

How much potential market share can you achieve in the next 3 years?

Tuned has great potential, we’re not only sticking to apparel and accessories we are also going to be releasing other things that our community will greatly appreciate in 2021. Our fans love everything that we create and giving them more options has significantly grown our following.

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