Never underestimate the power interior décor, colors, and overall organization play into living a stress-free, healthy life. After all, a dull and lifeless home that does not align with your inner state can potentially cost you your peace, thus provoking new levels of stress and anxiety. Why? Because when you come home after a long, stressful day into a space that is cluttered, mundane, and non-reflective of your personality, it makes it nearly impossible to unwind and relax. If that just so happens to sound like you, then it is pinnacle to know that you are not stuck in that stress upon stress cycle – not with the rise of brands like Tapestry Girls, whose unique tapestry designs have significantly helped reshape the meaning behind stress-free home living during a pandemic.

What’s Tapestry Girls?

Founded by Kyle Leighton, Tapestry Girls is a brand that has raised the home décor bar since its inception three years ago. Featuring a vast selection of tapestries, lights, posters and other home goods, Tapestry Girls has been prominently showcased in the home designing realm and has bled into the wellness side of things along the way. In short, the Tapestry Girls collection is home to some of the most unique and authentic designs on the market, which have been proven to deliver both advanced aesthetic appeal and bolstered life quality by promoting stress-free auras via designs, textures, and colors.

The Connection Between Home Designing and Stress

There is a rooted psychological element that comes into play with home designs and reducing stress. For example, studies have found people become more creative and positive when they have more space to move around in. The greatest part is that aside from minimalizing, you do not have to embark on an expensive home renovation to get the extra space you crave. Adding a colorful tapestry can effectively give the illusion of more space, thus facilitating more relaxed and happier moods. Not to mention that mystic designs, such as the ones found on the Bohemian collection, are reputable for surfacing new levels of zen and calmness to any space.

Along with this, there are clear-cut links between colors and mental health that Tapestry Girls has taken into consideration during their designing phases as well. Some of those include:

  • Orange – This is the color of energy and innovation and can easily make a space feel warm and cozy.
  • YellowYellow is the only warm color that has a strong association with relaxation. It offers a more nurturing appeal and can create a keen relaxing effect.
  • GreenThere is a reason the color green is used heavily in interior designing – it is the color that soothes, balances, and symbolizes growth.
  • BlueShowcasing serenity, calmness, and transformation, blue is a wonderful way to add relaxation to any space. However, it is said to cause appetite loss, so you may want to keep blue out of the kitchen!
  • PurpleLastly, purple is a very indulgent color, featuring feelings of luxury and divinity. For anyone looking to add opulence and high connection feelings to their home to provoke less stress, purple may be the best choice for you.

Fun Fact: If nature is your go-to place to relax and decompress, there is a tapestry for that too. Ranging from ocean views, mountain ranges to euphoric forests, you can find it all here.

Conclusion – Positive Mental Health and Uplifting Designs Go Hand in Hand Let’s face it – everyone has stressful days; It is an inevitable part of life. However, it is important to remember that though you may not have the ability to control every stressful situation you face, you do have full jurisdiction over your home. That is your environment, your sanctuary, and you have both the power and freedom to transform it into a safe haven space that resonates with who you are as a person. In the end, there is no denying that mental health and home design are strongly intertwined, and everyone deserves to have a home that delivers positive energy, comfort, and stress-free vibes. And if obtaining that goal is as simple as investing in a quality tapestry that illuminates the room and balances the mind, then that is pretty dang awesome


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