How Universities Can Introduce Ways To Be Productive In The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the education system as well. Several Sarkari exams have been postponed, and it is impacting the future of Indian students. Moreover, it has affected the educational practices at universities too. At universities, it disturbed the existing curriculum but also created a hindrance for the students taking extra courses for future plans.

Many universities offer extra credits and subjects for students approaching competitive or Sarkari exams in the near future. From interviews to aptitude tests, colleges help out their students continuously. Covid-19 might have created a hindrance, but it can’t stop the officials from helping out their students. We’ve lined out some ways through which universities can offer help and assistance to the students.

Help with Sarkari Exams

Many final-year students were planning to appear in Sarkari exams, but the examinations were delayed due to the lockdown in India. Although the government will introduce revised dates and schedules, it has undoubtedly increased the student’s study time. The pressure for scoring good in Sarkari results is on prime, and they require guidance and support. Universities can introduce study materials or extra courses, especially for Sarkari exams. It would help the students to concentrate and clear out their remaining doubts.

Conduct Webinars for Relevant Subjects

The colleges usually prepare a different schedule for different courses throughout the academic session. But this schedule wasn’t proceeded due to the sudden lockdown around India. To catch up with the leftover plans, universities can instead schedule webinars. Any guest lectures or specialized courses that were supposed to be introduced at the campus can be taught through digital platforms. For instance, for journalism students, professors can introduce webinars like the role of media in global pandemic. It would help them to understand the importance of media in global tension.

Social media platforms, college portals, or video calls can help the officials introduce different ways. This paradigm shift can improve the university’s curriculum in the long run. It will increase the digital presence positively and effectively.

Introduce Online Sessions for Students

In March, when coronavirus pandemic was in the beginning state, many global universities and colleges introduced online courses for students without any cost. Similarly, some universities can provide online sessions or classes for students. This can help the students in brushing up the required skills while getting into professional life.

To plan out the subjects needed for these online sessions, universities can begin from personality development courses. This session can include various activities like interviewing skills, public speaking, and much more. Or, they can schedule guest lectures offering sessions related to their streams. If these subjects are not according to their curriculum, then organizations can definitely rely on faculties and students for extra insight.


The Covid-19 pandemic is new to all of us, and we’ve somehow introduced new ways to adapt to this new change too. With robust plans and secure schemes, the education system can be saved, and at the same time, students can keep learning. The process of learning should never stop, and universities are definitely adhering to this thought. With this new digital approach, students can stay productive and hone their skills.