it’s time to talk about exactly how video games help people with mental health problems. In a world where games are often infamous, I believe balance is essential. For people with mental health problems, games bring different benefits.

Strengthening Ties

According to the 2019 Computer and Video Game Industry Highlights report, approximately 164 million adults in the United States play video games. Of these, about 63% play with someone. By playing with someone (whether local or online), we strengthen our bonds.

According to the experience of people with mental illness and many scientific reports, social isolation of people with mental health problems is not only widespread but also significantly affects the overall well-being of the entire society. We seek to isolate ourselves, and breaking this barrier can seem nearly impossible.

Video games are helping us break this barrier. When we play together online, we strengthen our bond with others, share common interests, and have fun. Considering how many people prefer to play with others, it’s hard to argue that video games allow you to enjoy the strengthening of the bond with people that is so effective in the recovery process of the entire society. 

Stress Management

Video games are believed to play a major role in stress management. There are many games that offer relaxation and enjoyment. They can have a profound effect not only on reducing stress but also on reducing anxiety.

Take games like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, for example. During especially difficult times, these games offer relaxation.

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular farming simulators in which there are no direct threats to the player. Your goal in the game is simple: build a farm, make friends, enjoy your adventures. You can play as your heart desires and, unlike many other games, it doesn’t matter how you decide to spend your time. This creates a calming environment that greatly affects the overall experience. For a better experience, you need a better computer motherboard and a computer monitor.

Animal Crossing also offers a great way to relax and relieve stress. With the recent release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons , which came out on March 20, there’s no better time to dive into the game.

I, like many around the world, sit at home all day during these difficult times. Regardless, I manage to live on a strict schedule due to remote work, and Animal Crossing is invaluable in helping to relax and distract from everything that happens.

As soon as I start to feel uneasy after an endless stream of “breaking news” notifications, I dive into the world of Animal Crossing , where I focus on interacting with friendly neighbors and creating an island for my soul.

Getting Rid Of Labels

Finally, video games are becoming important to people with mental illness for one of the main reasons: getting rid of labels. Recently, the way the media portrays various mental health problems has undergone a dramatic shift. All of the above projects are proof of this.

Dr Matthew Bar of the University of Glasgow argues that video games have tremendous potential and can affect the way we perceive mental problems.

“That’s where the potential lies: in the experimental and interactive nature of the games themselves. You can learn a lot by experiencing the game world from the perspective of another person and being in his shoes . 

In a world where most of us feel like we are alone in the fight against mental illness, the panacea comes from where you don’t expect it. When I was little and watched my father play Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, I had no idea how mental health problems would affect my life. 

Growing up, I continued to play and love video games, but at some point, I realized that I crave games that speak to me on a deeper level. Games in which the characters are somewhat similar to me. Now, in 2020, I am more optimistic than ever because I can go on adventures with characters in which I recognize myself. That in itself makes things a little easier.

Big Geek Opinion

Unfortunately, we rarely take video games seriously when it comes to mental issues. But as time goes on, people change their attitude, looking at the examples described above.

Even if you don’t have any obvious mental problems, it never hurts to relax and calm down a little. Someone turns on Civilization to calm down , someone prefers DOOM , and someone likes to stick to Dreams for hours and create their own game worlds in it.

These are just a couple of examples, but we are already preparing a selection of relaxing games and are waiting in the comments for games that will calm you down! Share?