“It is three days that you call life; yesterday came and passed, tomorrow is unknown. So life is a day you call; that is today. ” Özdemir Asaf or Can Yücel wrote these ambiguous sentences actually remind this situation very well.

People, by nature, tend to think about the past and the future. Hence, he cannot enjoy the moment. As Robin Williams said in Dead Poets Society ‘’Seize the day.’’

This situation appears as a barrier in coping with many factors and difficult times in the following periods.

So what’s the most effective way to get through these times?

It is the most effective factor that will help you to stay positive and overcome on tough situation is interior design and architecture which will realm you and getting stress and anxiety level down in tough times.

Many ancient empires and civilization used interior design and architecture to treat people who have mental diseases.

We continued our way by evolving in the lap of nature for hundreds of thousands of years, but today, under the pressure of the modern world, we are moving away from our “true nature”, we often feel like a tiger caged.

We spend our days “In the Garden of Man”. We breathe in the concrete forests where green areas are decreasing, economic systems cannot produce healthy houses for the majority of the population, the buildings we live in on a small scale, when we look from a wide perspective, cities consume not only our body but also our psychology.

Our personalities weaken and our hopes too. We are running out of stress, our life energy is decreasing, our creativity is being filed. We are constantly addicted to stress with the signals of danger we receive from the environment.

One side of the coin points to the destructive effects of architecture and interior design on our mental health. The good news is on the other side of the coin… We can live happier and away from stress in homes designed with a humane architectural approach.

The most important point here is to idealize the understanding of humane and environmentalist architecture, on the other hand, to evaluate its returns in the long term and with a broad vision.

Based on the effects of the environment and architecture and interior design on human psychology, results that closely concern the economy such as social peace, harmonious relations, workplace performance increasing, decrease in health costs, and decrease in crime rates can be achieved.

From this point of view, it is possible to enrich the environment by making constructive use and by making some regulations.

Set Yourself Free

Human interaction with the environment is a very rich research subject. The more wrong it is to overlook the effect that even the smallest detail outside of us in the universe can have on us, the more it would be wrong to underestimate the impact we have had on our environment.

When we see that our light of life can be extinguished with only one cancer cell that can be seen with a microscope, it is most logical to act by considering all the factors, big and small. Numerous studies reveal the profound impact of the environment on man. Natural environment such as forest and sea, our unnatural environment that includes architectural structures and artificial parks, and finally our social environment…

Use Therapy Affect Designs

Approximately half of the world’s population lives in large cities today. By 2050, this rate is expected to reach 75 percent. In these concrete forests, the sea, natural park, lake and green areas can only be found in our dreams.

Therefore, the unnatural environment plays a more active role in our daily lives. Artificial parks, bridges, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, business centers, sports facilities and, most importantly, our homes… All these architectural structures determine our quality of life with their designs.


Buildings from the Psychiatry Clinic have been examined in order to best identify the dramatic effects created by human psychology. A number of design studies were conducted and the effects of the regulations on the treatment processes of the patients were measured. The results showed that there is a direct link between environmental design and treatment quality and people overcame stress and anxiety.

Structures That Glorify Our Spirit We Want

Buildings not only to fulfill certain functions, to give us happiness and peace, but also to have a certain outlook, to reflect a certain concept, a certain world view or mood with this outward appearance.

Life is not just about balance and happiness. Realizing ourselves is one of our most important psychological needs. Hence, we admire the architectural structures that contain our ideals, the qualities we do not have but want to have. We feel ourselves exalted in them. We discipline our behavior in order to approach those ideals.

According to John Ruskin, all buildings contain some concepts that we can analyze, evaluate and interpret. Buildings describe democracy or aristocracy, speak of frankness or arrogance, friendship or aggression, expressing sympathy for the future or longing for the past. Each design reflects a certain mood and moral understanding. When we say that we find a building beautiful, we would like to explain that we not only find it aesthetic, but that we have adopted the way of life with its roof, door handles and windows.