Comparing yourself to others is easy. Just take a look around and it appears that everyone else has it all figured out. We tend to measure people’s success these days by the number of followers they have, by the photos they post and by the likes that they receive. The truth of it is that we should only measure our success against our own goal. Comparison to where we were, where we are at and where we are going is the only means of measure of success. Sometimes the goal is just to get through the day. Other days it can be a giant step forward in accomplishing something big. Regardless of the goals and the number of achievements, we should celebrate and congratulate ourselves and each other and remember no one’s life is perfect. We all make mistakes. The most seemingly successful of us have days filled with self-doubt. Those days are necessary to understand how strong we are when we stand in our power. Our power. Not a comparison to someone else’s power but when we know we are living our truth and it’s no one else’s. We must know the difference to feel and recognize the difference. Life is messy and so are we. Be you. Be authentic. Be imperfect.