Do you ever hear yourself saying or thinking … “I’ve always done this or I’ve always been this way.’”

When we revisit our past and the things we experienced, we can almost always see and understand how those choices were once serving us.

Often those choices were a source of self preservation or protection, a feeling of safety. In some way, these were actions or motivations that kept us out of harms way or immune to the abuse or trauma present in our life. I’m going to venture to say, these same options are no longer necessary for you to feel safe and whole anymore.

Today you can ask yourself: is this still serving me? Do I still do this or do I need this to feel whole or to feel safe?

Let’s think about new affirmations:

“I used to always be this way, and now I’m much different. I choose new ways of viewing and acting on situations I face.

“I used to always do this, but I don’t need to do this anymore.”

“Today I trust in my choices. I make difference choices that improve and better my whole self and my life”

Remember there is degree of a self-fulfilling prophecy by speaking as if these thoughts or behaviors are still a part of who you are.

The way we learn to love ourselves is how we share our love in the world.