How Well Do you work Under Pressure

Everyone has to deal with pressure at some point of time in their life whether it is on the personal or professional lives. We tend to panic in this situations and likely make a wrong move or decision. This pressure often manifest itself in the form of tight deadlines, demands from your boss, and other obstacle that get in the way of you doing your job.

The question is how well do you work under pressure avoiding stress, how to channel and deal with it in a healthy, productive way.

For me, the first thing is to divide all your task in manageable pieces and then accomplish the pieces. When you start accomplishing these manageable pieces, you can more readily meet goals and feel a sense of accomplishment. Seeing yourself completing the task also builds confidence in yourself.

Ask yourself what needs to be done now, roll up your sleeves and focus on the most important task. Work harder and grind through it, use pressure as an opportunity to grow. The more you find yourself being pushed to the wall, the better you become at pushing back. It’s a natural human tendency! The more you push back, the more your energy expands.

Pressure usually comes because you procrastinate and failed to prioritize and act. Procrastination is simply a habit and it can be broken, ask yourself what you are resisting. Then see if you can give up your resistance and simply act. Interrupting the procrastination habit frequently will lead to a new and more empowering habit of execution.