Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

Balancing is highly overrated use the power of technology to do this instead

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

The luxury of having to balance work, school, relationships, and family is over. The new era is integrating all of them together. In the digital world, it’s easy to be so connected and tap into everything going on with a click of a button.

That is why balancing and separating all different aspects of your life is obsolete and, frankly, stone age. Webster defines balance as an equal distribution of weight that allows someone or something to stay upright and steady.

That sounds exhausting to try to hold two things up in high regard. In the end, you’re going to fail, and one side will go up, and one side will go down like a seesaw. Because of this exact statement, every Hollywood movie also shows us some big-shot man or woman always late or unavailable to his kids and partner.

They go to work but then miss connecting with their family. They go to the soccer game but miss out on the biggest client of their career. Finally, they go for the big win, but everything else in their life crumbles.

However, when you integrate it all together, they all become a part of you. Meaning you don’t have to balance one or the other. You just have to be present at the moment, wherever you are. When you’re at work, fully be engaged that work knowing that you can turn off work later on and fully be involved at home and present.

And later on at night ?

You can turn off everything else and build a genuinely xxx romantic relationship with your partner. if you know what I mean?

One key missed factor in this whole thing is communicating. Communicating with those around you that you are about to lock in and focus at work. It will not be forever but a short-term move that will yield this result that will help us.

Even if it is for selfish reasons, be honest and communicate it. You will be surprised to know that your family and those around you don’t mind helping you boost your ego with a selfish win. That way, your family and those around you know they don’t have to count on you being around when you both certainly know you can not be.

With the massive upgrades of the new digital super-connected social media world, we don’t have to balance one or the other. We just have to learn how to be qualified integrators of all areas of our lives. Remember to always be honest, communicate, and use the digital world for your benefit as well.