With the Covid-19 pandemic, people woke up from their deep sleep.

He was noticed, his environment, other people, people in other countries, the world. As a result of this period, people will be more sensitive, aware, more social, loyal than ever.

Living the moment, living the present will make sense. Even activities that seem very simple in daily life will be valued. Drinking coffee, eaten food, vacation, driving, walking, sitting by the sea in a cafe…

They will gain meaning after this period, how simple they used to be. When he loses these beauties, human awareness increases. Therefore, people’s thinking about this issue, making too many plans, living only in the future will change their feelings.

They will be aware of today, they will start enjoying today!


For a while selfish lifestyles have come to the fore. Now this will also have to change.

In the previous egoist structure, everything ‘I, I, I’ would not matter. But it turned out that this is not so. A disease on another continent can also affect us. It can enter our country, family, home.

Everything has become global. The world has become very small. As communication increased, people’s interaction with each other increased.

The problem experienced anywhere in the world affected everyone. Therefore, the problem of a country, a region will no longer be a problem of a race but will become a global problem. And people will be more sensitive. So the world will be ‘We’.

In the sentence of the mantra that I suggested to everyone, the concept of us came to the fore. “Today we create more perfect us”. People to create a more perfect us, to create a more perfect world, they will be more sensitive to create more perfect societies. They will be more aware. They will no longer be able to turn to the problems of people in other countries and regions. They have to be sensitive.


Their way of life will necessarily change. First of all, individual people will be like a fish out of the water as a result of closing home and turning in. They will change their habits and ways of thinking and they will pay much more attention to hygiene.

People who do not pay attention to their health will be excluded. Also, we can meet more frugal people after this period. The number of people going out, traveling, going to clubs, restaurants, going to theaters, social places will decrease in a certain period and commercial buildings interior design will be adapting to the new world.

People will stay away from collective places for a certain period of time. They will enjoy spending time at home. New plans will have new goals for a new start. And they will start a new life with a different personality. Mentally, people are waiting for the beginning of a great depressive end.

As a result of the internal questioning of staying at home, people will experience adaptation difficulties. In daily life, there will be forced changes. People will go to work, but will remain distant. Good aspects of spending time at home will outweigh. They will learn to spend time with their families. They will learn what it means to spend time with their children and their spouses. So they will create their own little world. People’s tendency to sport will increase. Awareness about health will increase. Being healthier will be trending.


Socially, people will stop looking at things only individually. They will be aware of what is happening in the world. The egoist logic will gradually move away. Because we created the problems we live in because we live in an egoistic way.

After this period, people will interpret social events differently. Collaborations will increase, people will know the value of their work. Everyone will know more about the money they earn. He will spend more carefully. Team work will gain importance.


Family values ​​will stand out. Because people missed their families during this period, they missed their elders. As well as families, neighborhood relations will increase, friendships will be valued, friendship will gain importance.


Perhaps the most important change after the corona days will be about health. Social sensitivity will increase in the field of health. People will regain awareness of health.

People very painfully understood how important health is. She had been living in such a vortex for a while that people were as if they were immortal. It was as if everyone would live for 80 years. But there is no such contract.

They will understand that they are mortal with the fear of death in this process. Their reactions to their nutrition, their health, and the air they breathe will change. Health will be the top priority of people. It will prevent everything.

People will want policies that value it. He will observe this and look more globally. I’m full, I’m healthy, no matter what happens around me. In addition, a researcher spirit that has not been in our country for a long time, will respect the science and science. Scientists, people of science, people who are researching something will come to the fore.


Death has always existed, but it has been very far to date. People did not know the value of their lives with this thought.

Now the border between life and death is tied to the cotton thread. It can break at any moment. You can get a virus, a disease from someone. In fact, a disease may appear somewhere in the body.

These will eliminate all people’s experiences and turn all their plans upside down. Now plans will change. Because people will understand what it is like to feel the breath of death in their nape.


The concept of freedom will also change completely. People who thought they were free and thought they were living freely will understand how much they are actually dependent on other people. They will realize that freedom is limited. Afterwards, freedoms will be further limited.

All people in the world are connected. It will also question the concept of freedom that this process demonstrates. Something affecting a place affects other countries. The freedoms of the countries will change. Countries may be closed a little more. Globalization may be somewhat reversed.

Managers who think about their citizens, think about the future of their citizens and support their citizens while they are in a difficult position will also play an important role in the political preferences of the people. These criteria will be used when evaluating a leader management.

Examples of these historical times will be given. The way citizens will question leaders will also change. Their expectations from leaders will also change.

Leaders who are more modern, innovative, up-to-date, who think about their citizens and the social state, who may be behind the citizen will come to the fore when faced with trouble. As my discourse, Bio-Leaders will come to the fore and citizens will turn to these leaders.