Successfully making it music industry for most artists is not an easy task However, for William Carr making music and entertaining is something he was just born with. For William, making music has become a way of life. When he’s not making music, William is staying in touch with his fans or posting on his YouTube channel.

Will Carr has been making music since he was just 11 years old. At the time, William didn’t understand how to produce music so he would use a handheld recorded to record the songs he was creating. Will describes how the difficulty of making music inspired him to work harder.

In 2017, Will decided to put out his very first EP. Although he wasn’t the biggest fan of the EP now, he recognizes how that first project marked his expression of the vibe of the school he attended: Duke Ellington School of Arts. Shortly after, Will attended the Los Angeles College of music where he would learn how to produce his own music. Ever since then Will instantly fell in love with the craft of music and aspired to be like the greats: Prince, Michael Jackson, & Take 6.

Will is aware of the harsh realities of the music business and yet he doesn’t let it affect his passions. He knows that by truly understanding yourself as an artist will shield yourself from anyone’s negativity or discouragements. Will wants his fans to know the songs he makes are for the ones who love honesty. In his music, he makes a conscious effort to be purely honest with his fans regardless of the consequences he might face from corporate labels or industry executives.

Currently, Will is releasing new projects entitled: “Black: Pain” and “Black: Love” that comes out this summer. Will wanted these two projects to reflect his take on the feelings Black individuals are feeling right now in America. Although, Will isn’t sure when things will change for Black America, he realizes that it is his obligation to start the conversation.

Through hardship and adversity, William Carr has discovered his passions but most importantly his reasons for making music. He understands that being another sheep in the herd isn’t going to get you anywhere. In order to actually accumulate change, you have to take a risk and not be afraid to have an unpopular opinion; a true artist independent artist.