So there I was, overworked, overextended, overcommitted, overwhelmed, and frankly over it. Now, to be specific, I wasn’t over life, but I was over the “people pleasing” life I’d created. I was done being everything to everyone but not enough to myself. I’d been reaching for this idea of success that would only leave me more exhausted, more stressed, and subsequently more frustrated. I had mommy duty, wife duty, daughter duty, hr duty, and a long list of countless other duties that I needed to adjust to make room for the discovery of the highest version of the woman i was slowly becoming. I’d been feeling stuck and trapped in everyone else’s expectations for who I was supposed to be, but the truth is that I was the only one who could set myself free from the responsibility of managing the happiness or acceptance of those around me. I’ve learned that typically when we feel stuck, it’s due to a lack of clarity, lack of belief, and/or lack of action. Sometimes, I’ve found it’s one, two or some varying level of all three holding us back. 

Clarity is the first step to reclaiming your time, life, and sense of self, so that you can progress forward. Today, I am writing this article to help women all around the world use a simple system to get unstuck, find their sense of self, and discover their own inner wealth. 

Who are you? No matter the ethnicity, education, socio-economic status, height, weight, religion, hair or lipstick color, we as women each reach a pivotal moment in our lives when we look ourselves in the mirror and ask, who am I. Who am I really? Who have I allowed myself to become? How did I get here? What do I even really want at this stage in my life? 

For many women, it’s easy to be fully supportive, engaged and quite frankly engulfed in the affairs of our children, spouses, friends, even parents at times without taking the time to really discover who we want to show up as in the world, and claim ownership over that version of our identity. I’ve learned we sometimes identify ourselves with the roles we play, so much that we lose the essence of what really makes us the special, unique, authentically beautiful treasure of wealth we really are. Yes, you are wealth. It lives on the inside of you and is waiting to emerge and unfold the moment you fully step into your next dimension of Identity. I believe your wealth is comprised of your God-given gifts, natural talents, character and life purpose. Each of us may differ in our definition of wealth and what it means to us externally, but what unifies us is that we all have a full measure of wealth that lives within. I believe when we tap into and discover our inner wealth, we begin to align with our highest purpose, and that’s how we find and reclaim our truest sense of self. 

First, remember that not only were you born with a gift or set of inner gifts, but you…your life…is a gift, therefore You are a gift. Remember you are a gift. 

Next, remember you were born with a Life purpose. That purpose is as unique as your DNA, thumbprint and Social Security Number. It’s the reason you are still alive today. Your Life Purpose is to fulfill the assignment you were created to accomplish using the gifts placed on the inside of you. Understanding one’s God-given, Life Purpose is a Lifelong Journey that begins the day we begin to seek it. As we seek purpose, we will receive vision to see the highest good in an industry, body of people, region, or other location. Vision is the vehicle that leads you to your Purpose. 

Finally, remember you are already empowered to make a difference-one day at a time. Whether big or small, each step you take, using your gifts, taking action on your big dreams, or just engaging in a meaningful moment really is making a difference. 

Imagine what you could start today, to celebrate one year from now. Think about it and leave a comment below. 


  • Nikita Lawrence

    Women’s Coaching and Development Expert, Executive Coach, Bestselling Author

    Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises

    Nikita Lawrence, The Wealth Success Leadership Strategist®️,  is a sought after Women’s Coaching and Development Expert, Best-selling Author, Coach and Inspirational Keynote Speaker. Lawrence is the founder and CEO of Wealth Success Chamber Enterprises LLC, a Women’s Coaching and Development Agency supporting women executives,  entrepreneurs and professionals each with learning how to find her inner wealth, build her best life and business, becoming her best self As a HR consultant, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Leadership expert,  she is a thought leader and mentor to many. Her newest Best-Selling book entitled, “The Secret of the Wealth Success Chamber”, is a catalyst that aids readers in unlocking their own gateway to destiny, wealth, and success by systematically creating the blueprint to uncover the identity, purpose, and vision for their lives. Learn more here at "Everyone has been born with a very special and unique gift. When that gift is discovered, nurtured, cultivated, and elevated its power to change the world becomes undeniable. We must all decide to discover and use our gifts to honor our creator and create the global impact that helps to make our world a better place." Nikita Lawrence