Many things can cause strain to a previously healthy and happy relationship. Even relationships built on the strongest of foundations can have those foundations shaken by the crises that life can throw at us. We might find ourselves unable to understand our partner’s plight, or they our’s, and thus struggle to support them as we drift apart. We might find ourselves taking out our anger and stress out on our partner. Or we may find ourselves caught in crisis and unable to handle it without intense arguing.

One source of stress and strain which may cause long-term tensions within a relationship is work. Depending on what job you and your partner might have, you might be struggling for money – one of the top reasons that relationships struggle – you or your partner might work long hours, or if you’re going through a stressful period at work you might take it out on your partner. On the other hand, if you or your partner is out of a job or needs to move for work then that can create its own problems.

Difficulties of work for relationships

The dominance of work in everyday life can become something of a strain and start to put pressure on other elements of our life. In particular, the stress and time constraints of work can make it difficult to keep relationships at home healthy and happy. Both put a lot of demands on the limited time in the day and often what is in the interest of one will contradict what is in the best interest of the other.

Whether it may be long hours, big projects putting you under stress, of the need to travel long distances – or even move house – for work, your work-life balance can often be badly affected and leave little time for your loved one. Work can also be the source of arguments about money and living arrangements, or even spark jealousy about certain workplace relationships.

Can issues be solved?

It might not be immediately clear how you can solve your work-related relationship problems, or it might be very difficult to change your working habits to heal the relationship without outside help. If that’s the case, couples therapy may be of use. In a lot of cases issues that are causing tensions in romantic relationships can be eased, and eventually solved, through couples therapy. Through talking about those problems in a safe and supportive environment with your partner and a trained professional you can begin to understand your problems much better and gain some appreciation for the perspective of your unhappy partner.

Many people put off couple’s therapy because they’re not sure it will work, however 90% of those who have attended emotionally focused couples therapy reported significant improvements in their relationship. In some cases, the outcome of couples therapy is an amicable separation where it is clear the relationship is unhealthy, but in most cases it can allow a couple to resolve their problems, whether they be work related or something else. If work is causing friction in your relationship and you’re not sure what you need to do to resolve it, couples therapy might be the right course.