Michael V. Greene

True rebels hate their own rebellion. They know that by experience, they will not stand out, that their moves might not seem glamorous to others. Michael V. Greene believes that it takes a courageous person to say things that have not been said before and do things that have not been done before. Confidence is all about knowing who you are and not changing anything about yourself because someone’s version of reality is never your reality. It is a particularly accurate ideology that professionals in the entertainment realm will acknowledge. For them, creative work is not a bid for attention but more of a gift to the world. This is their rebellion, an opportunity to stand out to purposefully show the world their courage and confidence.

Michael V. Greene is a storyteller, writer, director, and editor. A persona that has been in the entertainment business for more than 15 years. As one of his generation’s best storytellers, he brings out his ideologies about life in unique ways. For him, discovery is about seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody has thought of, all for the sake of advancing certain life philosophies. It is about coming up with new possibilities, formulating new questions, and regard old problems from a new perspective, which requires creative imagination. 

For the last two decades, Michael V. Greene has been shooting content, writing, and thrusting his life energy into film production. He has run sessions for some of the most prominent commercial casting directors from Hollywood and has worked with some of the best personalities in the entertainment industry. He’s also forged a network of people, who not only inspire him to become even more creative, but acquaintances who mention his name in the right places as well.

Interestingly, Michael did not see himself as a storyteller while growing up. He wanted to be a doctor. He has worked as general manager for The Marc Buchanan Collection (Pelle Pelle) and national sales manager for Coogi Australia. It was when he created a production company, Bold Soul, with a friend, he realized that his purpose in life was greater. His business partner constantly reminded him that he was a natural storyteller, and he should explore the heights of his talent. He started writing his thoughts down about his experiences in various engagements and got consistent mentorship from the partner. Someone believed in Michael V. Greene at the right time, and this inspired him to be greater than what he perceived himself to be.

Michael V. Greene has always been curious about his capabilities. He no longer thinks about making art; he just gets it done. He then allows his audience to decide whether his stories are good or bad, and while they are deciding, he continues to make more content. This is his gift to the world.