Xavier Allen is an upcoming music marketing mogul in the music industry. Xavier’s mission is to help artists grow and gain the core audience they need to have a long term successful music career.

In this article we ask Xavier how he avoids burnout and more.

Distress tips

Some of Xaviers biggest distress tips is to sleep, he believes it is the most important thing for success. He then includes to not overwork yourself by staying up too late. Allen recommends getting at least 8 hours of sleep for your brain to be fully functional and to it’s best ability. Something else he recommended was taking at least 1 day off from working to do whatever you enjoy doing.  

Avoiding burnouts 

Allen usually shuts down all operations and enjoys his favorite series, or if the time is convenient, he’ll play a video game by 8pm. He states this doesn’t happen every night but it’s ideal so he doesn’t go to bed stressed out. Xavier also mentions to plan your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule in advance, as it can help you not be overwhelmed later on. 

Main tips for successful habits 

Allens main tips for successful habits is to create a schedule in advance for tasks that he knows he has coming up, it helps him be prepared. He also mentions he tries to get at least a full night’s rest to be fully functional the next day, he really values sleep and mental function.   


Everytime Xavier feels like he may be slacking off, or even the times where he does experience a little success, he reminds himself how far he’s come along. He never lets himself forget the fact he could never stay at a regular 9-5 job longer than 3 years. He always knew deep inside that he is capable enough to be his own boss someday. 

Advice to someone just starting out 

A piece of advice Xavier would give to someone just starting out would be to not let everyday tasks discourage you from what’s to come later on in the future. He then adds “The small task you did today might be the one thing that changed your life tomorrow.”


  • Johnny Medina

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