In the present times, stress and tension are prevailing in almost all areas of life. However, coping with them is extremely important for mental, physical and emotional well being. In case stress and anxiety are getting the very best of you and hampering your productivity then yoga will be really helpful. Yoga is a practice of mind, body and soul practice. It consolidates yoga postures, controlled breathing, and meditation. It is also known to help lower stress levels, blood pressure and the pulse. What’s more, nearly anybody can do it.

If there is one of the most significant and comprehensive health approaches to life then that is yoga. It brings physical, mental and spiritual aspects that help a person in achieving ultimate calm. It also helps a person to manage and reduce stress and tension. Yoga teacher training in India is a proven method to ace yoga and benefit from it in all possible ways. Yoga has many different forms. Although, yoga is beneficial in all forms, Hatha yoga is particularly great for reducing stress levels. It is also pretty common for everyone who wants to begin their journey of yoga as it is done with slow movements and intensity.

The important aspects of yoga are:

  1. YOGA ASANAS OR POSES: The yoga poses, also known as yoga postures are a series of consecutive movements which are designed to increases the strength and overall flexibility of a person. These poses differ from lying straight on the floor to relax to difficult postures that call for stretching all your possible limits.’
  2. CONTROLLED BREATHING: The art of controlling your breathing is a significant part of yoga. It helps a person to calm their mind, control their body and soul.
  3. MEDITATION: Learning the art of meditation and relaxation assist a person to become more aware and mindful of the present moment without forming any judgements.

Given below are some of the yoga poses that help a person in getting rid of stress and tension. Go through them to know more about yoga and releasing yourself from a stressful situation.

  1. GARUDASANA: Also known as eagle pose, this posture requires the person to concentrate and stay focussed on a single point which proves to be an excellent tool for stress management. In addition to this, it also helps a person in getting rid of the tension that gets accumulated in the hips and shoulders area.
  2. UTTANASANA: The Uttanasana or the standing forward bend can help in calming a cluttered mind, balancing the nervous system while promoting the feelings of calmness. Energetically also, it assists a person in balancing the sacral chakra which is the reason for increased emotional energy. While doing Uttanasana, imagine that all your worries are going away from the top of your head right into the ground beneath you.
  3. BALASANA: Balasana, also known as the child pose helps in producing a deep calming effect on the entire system. This pose in particular has an ability to calm the adrenal glands in abundance. If practiced in the right manner, this yoga posture is as relaxing as a hug. It reduces the stress and tension from the body in a remarkable manner.
  4. SUPTA BADDHA KONASANA: Also known as the reclining bound angle pose is highly relaxing. It can assist a person in opening their hips, groin, inner thighs and many other places where a person is likely to hold stress and tension. With the help of this yoga asana, it becomes possible to surrender in the moment and let go of all the negative emotions that are holding a person back.
  5. VAJRASANA: The vajrasana or the thunderbolt pose has a deep relaxing effect on the mind, body and the soul. It is also a great yoga asana for the digestive system. In case a person has a tendency to accumulate stress or tension then this asana can really be helpful. If this asana is practiced at night before going to bed then it helps to enjoy a much better and a calm sleep.

These and many other yoga asanas are taught in the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Practicing them at the when the mind is clouded with extreme stress and tension is highly recommended to live a healthy and happy life.

All individuals have alternate bodies with various capacities. It is possible that what may suit one person may not suit the other. So it is important to alter yoga stances dependent on your individual capacities. Your teacher might almost certainly propose altered postures. Picking a teacher who is experienced and who comprehends your needs is critical to securely and adequately practice yoga. Although stressful situation keep arising but as long as a person copes with a practice like yoga and meditation, it is not difficult to get rid of them in any way.