If you’re feeling uneasy or stressed about living during these times of uncertainty, you are not alone. It’s completely a normal feeling to be anxious during tumultuous times, and it’s during times like these that people need to be more attentive to their health, but the health of others. It’s also important to stay on top of our collective mental health. Here are some things you can do in your life to help ease the strain of living through difficult times.

Try to stick to a routine

Keeping a daily routine is one of the habits for better mental health. Providing a daily overview for your tasks helps you function better and keeps you from becoming overwhelmed. Having a routine is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Often, people with routines are able to organise their daily lives much better than people who don’t have one. By maintaining a daily schedule and simply getting dressed in the morning you can create some ways to stay motivated.

Limit your intake of daily news

Looking at a constant barrage of negative and scary news headlines can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to pandemic related stories. Try to watch how much news you consume on a daily basis. While it’s good to stay informed, limiting the amount of news you are consuming can be much better for your mental health. Try to stick with reliable sources only so you don’t go down a rabbit hole of misinformation.

Connect with family and friends

Having to socially distance ourselves from others doesn’t mean we have to emotionally distance ourselves as well. Many people have family and friends that live far away, and there are many ways to connect with them. Your loved ones can provide great emotional support for your mental health, even during the times you can’t be together. You can connect with them in old school ways like sending a letter or a package. These days, we’re able to connect virtually that sometimes it can feel like you are really with the person you are talking to. Checking in with your friends and family through phone, video chat or other fun digital ways is the best way to keep your spirits up when you’re down.

Make health a priority

When your regular routine is disrupted, it can be hard to keep up with your health, but it’s really important to focus on taking care of yourself, even in small ways. Looking after your physical health also helps you take care of your mental health. For your overall well-being try to carve the time in your schedule to take breaks for walks, stretching, yoga, or making some healthy snacks. There are many creative ways to unplug and recharge to give your mind a break from thinking about life or work in uncertain times. Getting a good sleep and keeping hydrated are also very important to your health and can easily slip away from you when times are stressful.

Experience nature

A growing body of research over time has shown that Immersion in nature benefits your health. Spending time in nature is an antidote for stress because it can lower the levels of the stress hormone and bring blood pressure levels down. Studies have shown it can enhance the immune system functions and reduce the nervous system arousal. Taking walks or hikes in nature helps to improve moods and reduce anxiety by promoting feelings of being calm and reducing feelings of isolation. Something about fresh air, beautiful scenery and being close to nature is a perfect recipe to help clear the mind.

Work on your self care

If you can’t do the things in your life that normally bring you positive feelings, it’s vital to find other ways to help you practice your own self-care to help provide outlets for you to release your stress. You can do many things at home to still provide you with some comfort. You can spend the time learning something you always wanted to, like trying a new artistic skill or spending time making a new recipe inspired by TastyKitchenn. You can learn a new game or discover a new outdoor space to explore. Self-care is attainable for yourself even during the times that you are unable to do your regular hobbies and activities. 

When times are uncertain our minds can tend to make us worry so much that it takes us away from what’s going on in the present. As hard as it is, try to think positively about the aspects in your life that bring you joy and happiness. Being grateful is something you can practice to help ground you and it allows you to be able to focus on today instead of focusing on all of the worries and fears you might have about what will happen in our future.