courtesy –  James Fitzgerald on Unsplash

These are some dark times we are living in, during the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. no one ever thought of bringing their office work home and carries on doing that every day. This lockdown frustration has gotten people crazy which almost at one point feels like we are doing more work while being at home than what we were doing when we go to our respective office.

now the purpose of this blog is to how you can cope up with your budding anxiety if you are having and work in efficient ways while working from home ( hold on people, you guys are awesome) –

1. Finding yourself a good workplace
most of the people, who generally  never worked from home it’s confusing  of where they can do their work, so it’s really important to find your workplace, let it be in another separate room, your library or your guest room where you are comfortable in doing your work

if you do your work from a laptop, you can try moving around, that eases up the stress, and changing scenes majorly helps .you can also associate certain places with certain work tasks.

2. Act like you are at your workplace
everything starts with routine, act as if you have an office and the timings where you work in your office, give that timing when you work from home, in that way you can fix your schedule and rather than sulking because of work from home.

3. Creating your to-do lists
make a list of tasks for each day and schedule it in your working hours. Prioritize it based on the urgency of your work. It’s highly likely that you might deviate so when you deviate you can always adapt to your work.

you can use online task managers like Evernote, asana which will make you stay put on your schedule.

4. Take Breaks
Breaks are essential, but not up to the point where you begin taking long breaks which makes your work unfinished and later on more work just piles up.  

taking breaks will give you a fresh mind, a fresh take to your work with new ideas. A simple 15-15 rule will help you in reducing your eye strain and preventing you from fatigue.

5. Stay in touch with your colleagues
Doing work in isolation can be frustrating at times, that will be cabin fever, to break this boredom you can go beyond email, try other social sites in connecting your colleagues, try to know how they keep up to their work, share some ideas that will refresh your minds.

6. Take your time to online learning concepts
you can sharpen your skills with various learning concepts right now. With work from home, you will be having quite a hefty amount of time, you can invest that in learning other stuff that might be important for your business or it might be for the simple pleasure of knowing things.

7. Make your place where you work cleaner
keep your surroundings clean, always wash hands before you eat, and try avoiding touching ur face with your hands during these pandemic times. As COVID-19 spreads through contracting you would want yourself to avoid eating outside food and drinks, so stay at home and try to make a habit out of it.

8. Discipline
During these pandemic times, it’s very important to maintain discipline at home, by washing hands at regular intervals and avoiding going out only if it’s necessary. Many companies also maintain discipline while making their services open to people during these COVID-19 pandemic times, it’s their answer to how they cope up with it.

The Bottom line,
These times are Unique with Unique challenges. You have to Expect your energy levels, productivity, and mood to vary widely throughout the day. It’s good to aim to be effective, to be efficient, but most importantly, ensure you are forgiving and take care of yourself.