London is the richest city of opportunities in all of Europe and to the best of the whole world. Here you come to climb the sleeves and give a boost to the race itself, whatever the sector to which it belongs. Many have started from the bottom, maybe from the simple dishwasher, reaching first-rate salaries. All that is needed is to take the opportunities that this great giant in continuous movement leaves along its course, starting from here.

Internships in London

In recent times goes from fashion to young people doing practices in foreign, considered little more than that which increases the opportunities for professional dreams. Make a practice abroad is a perfect combination because if on the one hand increase your professional skills, on the other hand, give you the possibility to enter a different world. If then the practice (called “INTERNSHIP”) is done in London, everything is better, as soon as London is the world capital of the economy and because English is spoken.

You will enrich your curriculum; you will get attestations, references, and contacts that will be useful to you in your professional life. This type of experience does not foresee profitable compensation, companies if they wish, they will give you a small sum or they can choose to pay you for transportation costs and meals. What they request is commitment, availability, not underestimating your work; everything you will do will help you improve.

Fortunately, there are many useful sources for collecting information, so who decides to face a practice autonomously should not do anything but connect to the Internet. All associations have their website where you can get the information you need

It is a possibility that is open to all, particularly those who have already finished their studies or are about to do so, in fact, they will be able to use the numerous opportunities offered by the university. All universities are organized in such a way as to have an international relations area with which participation in the programs instituted by the European community is promoted.

The dream: Just graduated to find a job in London!

I think it is the dream of all just graduates to find Just London Jobs for the first job in a stimulating city like London or outside Spain to build a solid future. Let’s discover together how to realize this dream. My advice is, of course, to begin as soon as you graduate. It is important not to waste time and above all always be ready.

1 – Curriculum in English:

It seems the most trivial point but it is not absolutely. Having a good resume in English and a good cover letter is the first step to be accepted in a job interview.

2 – Register your curriculum in the special sites:

Although it is always worth thinking about uploading the curriculum itself to the classic job search sites (Monster, Reed, etc.), it is essential to identify the sites that offer job opportunities to the neo-graduates. These job offerings are specific to those who have barely earned a diploma but who do not have work experiences. As you can see it is possible to perform different searches in the nuncios already present where information about the work is specified: Months of training, Case Study, etc. Other sites that offer excellent opportunities are those of large multinational companies.

3 – Always be ready:

We are indeed talking about work for which experience is not requested but not, for this reason, we must be sleeping on the laurels. Since the first contact is the most important and will almost certainly be made over the phone it is necessary to have the ear in English even if you are still in Spain.  To do this, the easiest advice is to watch movies and television in English. On the web, there are many ways to perform, although only on YouTube you can find small pieces of television series that will accustom you to understand different accents and not have to make the first call and repeat “sorry?”