Traveling is a pleasurable experience provided you do not have to wait to catch your flights. When there are long layovers between two connecting flights passing time is slightly difficult. However, you would be surprised to know that there are multiple ways of keeping yourself entertained while on the go. Feeling confused, have a look at these amazing methods which you can use to do so.

  • News stories reading– If you are amongst those who have to know what is happening in the world then use the free time to stay updated. There are multiple apps which curate all the major headlines and movie news of the day together and hand it over to you. Pick from amongst the wide variety available and stay in touch while waiting.
  • Reading books– Every airport has a book store and if you have missed out on reading lately you can binge shop some interesting books. Just make sure not to pick up bulky ones as they would only add up to the weight. Instead, if you are going camping you can also pick a book related to the topic just to increase your awareness.
  • Learn a new language- You have enough time at hand and even free resources then why not use them to learn a new language. Either you can pick up a totally new language or brush up your skills on the language of the country you are going to. Whatever it is you can pick up a new skill without much effort from your side.
  • Podcast- They are there on a variety of topics and you can choose whichever suits your mood. Easily available on the play store you can spend hours listening to your favorite music, movies or even books. What’s more, if you get tired of one app you can always move on to another one.
  • Coloring and writing-They were not so much in trend when you grew up but that does not mean you cannot use them at this age. There are adult coloring books available and you can carry one and hone your art skills. What’s more, you can even attempt cursive writing and improve that skill of yours too.
  • Music- This is an all-time favorite and people usually pick up their i Pod as soon as they get some free time. Before leaving create multiple playlists each having a unique type of song collection. That ways you can cherish music as per your mood and your time also pass smoothly.

While these are just some suggestions on staying entertained while traveling you can also attempt something different. You can also use the time to plan out your trip in details so that you do not miss out on the fun in any manner. Apart from that, you can send postcards to your friends so that they know that you are enjoying your trip. Though these are not very concrete ways still they would generally reduce the pain of waiting. So, unleash your innate wishes and go on and enjoy the time as you might not get any when you are back.