Many bedrooms are reserved for sleeping and resting only. However, as we are locked in for almost two years due to the pandemic, we found ourselves transitioning to a work-from-home (WFH) setup. While some choose to convert their kitchens or create a home office to work in, those who have limited space need to become resourceful and use what they already have. Converting your bedroom into a functional and productive working den may not be the top choice for most, but it is still a common hack for WFH workers.

Invest in a high-quality desk chair

To mimic an office environment, you also need to have a comfortable chair. Having an office chair in your bedroom will allow you to work with ease and comfort. Some people prefer working straight from their beds while still in their pajamas. While this may be relaxing and cozy, I personally advise against it.

It is best to work on a desk with a chair, especially if you are working on a laptop. Why? It is beneficial to your health. Desks and chairs allow you to sit comfortably and also provide support on your back. Thus, preventing back pains and other body aches. Having a high-quality desk chair assures that your spine aligns properly and that you work with the right body posture.

Set a desk near a natural light source

Photo Credit: Depositphotos/Igor Vetushko

A natural light source helps increase productivity. It also improves the health and wellness of an individual. So, if you want to ensure that you won’t run out of creative ideas, it is best to position your working desk near the window or a balcony door as seen in the photo from Depositphotos.

Natural light also improves the body’s regulation of essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D. It also boosts serotonin, which is known to help regulate a person’s mood, sleep, and memory. Serotonin is also vital in improving a person’s learning ability. Ensuring that your work area receives as much natural light as possible can boost your overall efficiency and competence in work.

Add live plants

The beauty of your bedroom is that you can do anything you want inside it. You can now do everything online – from shopping to working. Some of us do not go out to buy groceries anymore because we can simply make several clicks on our phones and food will be delivered in a breeze. Unfortunately, this method makes us oblivious to the beauty of nature outside. To compensate for this lack of exposure, the best way to simulate the natural world is to add live plants in your bedroom.

Not only will it help increase your productivity as supported by several studies, but it will also counteract the negative effects of online shopping that you are doing inside your bedroom walls. Furthermore, live plants improve air quality and aid in stabilizing humidity levels.

Remodel the bedroom if you need to

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Francesca Tosolini

If you have the budget to spare, then doing a bedroom remodel to create a dynamic work area is recommended. Some bedrooms have the wrong ambiance for work. Maybe it is the color of the walls? Or perhaps the layout of your bedroom furniture? There are many things that can affect your concentration and focus. It is best to determine what these things are, and change these things into something that creates a positive work environment while still maintaining the relaxing and cozy vibe of the bedroom.

For example, experts say that the color green creates a sense of serenity that you might need when you feel too overwhelmed with your tasks at hand. Meanwhile, blue hues help with calming the mind and enhance communication. And the invigorating red acts as a stimulus, especially on jobs that require a physical response. Colors play an important role in how you accomplish certain facets of your work. Thus, you might consider remodeling your bedroom to accommodate various colors that help in producing quality work results.

Create a break spot

All work with no play can tire everyone out. If you cannot go outside the house to breathe some fresh air, might as well create a break spot in your room. You do not need a huge spot for a break room. Even as simple as sitting on the floor will work. As long as that area provides a sense of relaxation away from work, then it is already a good spot to be in.

You can even make your bed your break spot. Just make sure not to fall asleep while resting though! Taking a few minutes of break time helps refresh your mind so that you can create better ideas and become more productive. It also reduces work-related stress and allows your body to physically recuperate from working.

Make sure to step outside!

One trick to guarantee that a bedroom office is productive cannot be found inside its walls. Work is important, but taking a break is equally important too! Luckily, restrictions are easing nowadays and we can step outside to breathe fresh air. Take a walk in the park or your neighborhood. Nature gives many benefits to the human mind. It helps improve short-term memory and also reduces one’s stress levels.

When you feel a little bit off and confined in your little workplace, you can’t focus on work. That is why it is essential that you also take time to go out and take pleasure in your surroundings. Hear the birds sing, feel the wind brush your skin, take delight under the heat of the sun. All of these are natural remedies that help boost your productivity and unleash your creative juices.


Your bedroom is not only meant for resting. If you do not have enough space to work in the home, you can transform it into a workplace. Some may say that it is not a good place to work considering that it should only be a place of relaxation. However, your bedroom holds certain wonders that can unleash your optimism and productivity. As long as you know a few hacks here and there, you can surely transform your bedroom into a productive working den!