6:30 am, NYC: The sun rises over the busy city of New York, New York. There are people chattering, buses honking, taxis belligerent; the non-stop pulse of living in a high activity environment is a symbolic reminder of its gross income per capita. The birds and buzzing jumbotrons hum a synchronized tune of work and progression. People are roaming the busy streets with their heads locked into their iPhones, completely absorbed by this augmented reality created by Smartphones. The year is 2018. You can order your breakfast on an App and have it delivered within a half hour. You can communicate with people around the world through the power of Wi-Fi. You can book appointments through the internet, either professionally or personally. My question I want to pose to you, the reader, is: Why are people still living in the past?

Cole LeQuier, among the copious partaking in the new wave of E-Commerce sales & marketing, reap the benefits of the savvy millennial to a higher degree of cultural adaptation. Through simplified approaches, these entrepreneurs create targeted, specific campaigns to sell products through the powerful engine of Shopify. In a phone call with Cole, I was able to learn more about his way of reaching an audience of ~1 million people per month. Running Jersey Champs, I have developed my own unique strategies to entice & capitalize on the modern fashion, music, and athletics industries of the world by utilizing a feature that nearly every active Instagram user has explored- sending a direct message. In our call, I asked Cole LeQuier about his DMing habits. Cole cites a conscious effort to DM people, cognizant of time zone, around the peak (or “prime”) times of either early morning (8-10 am), midday (1-3 pm), or considerable evening hours (7-9 pm). LeQuier went on to tell me that he finds people are most active on Instagram at these hours; if he is attempting to further a connection or business collaboration, he will roughly utilize these timeblocks to formulaically expand a connection.

Later in our call, I asked Cole about his posting habits on Instagram & social media abroad. He went on to share he likes to draw a fine line between professional and personal use of the facilities like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Cole shared that when he is Snapchatting, he is simply living “Carpe diem”, catching up with friends and relatives leisurely. Whereas, when LeQuier is preparing his queue of posts and direct messages for Instagram, he is much more calculated. Cole cited the importance and encouraged for entrepreneurs to actually draft their professional moves before publicizing them live for the world to see. “If it isn’t the best you can phrase something, why even say it?” LeQuier wisely adds. Popular applications like Hootsuite enable users to create scheduled posts on their social media, hours, even days, ahead of these posting going live. My $100,000 question to Cole LeQuier was: “How do you convert an idea into a real, lucrative influx?” Cole’s response was rather long-winded, as he is very passionate about his craft in E-Commerce. A quote I had written down transcribed from my call with Cole goes as follows…

“In life, there are talkers and doers. When I was a freshman in high school, I loved to research and annotate the success stories of popular E-Commerce giants like Tai Lopez, Gary Vee, and many others. The moment I stopped dreaming and started doing, my stores grew in congruence with my confidence to be an E-Commerce shark.”

  • Cole Lequier, November 10th, 2018

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Cole LeQuier in NYC.