The covid-19 pandemic has arrived at an enormous scale and an overwhelming speed and has changed many things in individuals’ lives, especially the way they make decisions. Indeed, whether it is deciding between what movie to watch, what to eat, or what to do during a day, the pandemic has undoubtedly affected how individuals make their decisions, no matter how simple and minor they are. On that premise, the following article presents how the pandemic has affected individuals’ skills for making decisions

 The truth is that the pandemic has brought uncertainty to levels that individuals are not used to. The world has always been uncertain, but due to the pandemic, it has become apparent, and individuals are now feeling it in ways they do not usually feel it. The pandemic has also changed the way individuals perceive the riskiness of certain activities, which has also primarily affected their behaviors and decision-making skills

How Your Decision-Making Skills May Have Changed During the Pandemic

 While the pandemic might still be a source of stress even this year, individuals should not dwell on the decision paralysis and beat themselves up. Instead, they should know that risk and uncertainty are everywhere and that they should use their best judgment to make informed and productive decisions. That said, individuals should realize that it takes several steps to reach the outcome and perceive everything as a process. Furthermore, individuals should establish a predictable routine and engage in regular physical exercise, which will help them create a sense of comfort and decrease feelings of anxiety and ease the cognitive burden of decision-making.