When it comes to caring about an employee’s mental health, many organizations fall short. The well-being of our brains is crucial to our health, how we perform in the workplace, and how we operate on a day to day basis. Mental illnesses can take a toll on our physical health, like increased blood pressure or a hormonal imbalance, and leave people feeling less engages and focused. To encourage a mental-health friendly environment, try incorporating one of these mental health-friendly options into your workplace.

Be Open About Mental Illnesses

You’ll find that if a person in leadership opens up about depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issue, the entire team will feel more comfortable talking about their own mental health. Many people feel as though they have to keep their anxiety and depression quiet, but knowing they are not alone encourages an open conversation and helps them realize that they are not alone.

Encourage Mental Health Days

If you find that your employee is having a difficult time concentrating at work, encourage them to take a mental health day. If your company still requires a doctor’s note to excuse a “sick day”, you may want to revise that part of your work policy. Allowing a break for both your mind and body helps your employees to recharge. Taking the occasional mental health day can help prevent mental illnesses from developing even more.

Allow Pets to Come to Work

There are multiple studies that show that having animals around help improve the mental health of employees. After many years of research, it was concluded that pets act as a distraction to mental health illness and help people manage their condition with more ease. Animals have helped those who have experienced anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Animals at work can make the time past more quickly and make the whole day more enjoyable.

Provide Public Areas For Fun

Offices can deeply benefit from a break room that contains more than just a fridge and a table. In your break room create an inviting environment that is closed off from the office and is more fun! Try including a pool table, ping pong table, or foosball table. Your employees will have a great time bonding over their lunch breaks.

Offer Stress-Relief Techniques

Other stress-reducing activities would include massages, meditation, and yoga sessions. Unless one of your employees is a professional yogi or masseuse, these activities may be an additional expense, but at the cost of your employee’s mental health, it’s well worth it. 

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