Patience is definitely a virtue, when avoiding burnout.

Whenever you’re going through a season of stressful situations, the chances for burnout and stress are high. You feel like a piñata, either in work and/or in life. Nothing is going right for you. You may feel the world is against you.

I know how you feel. I’ve experienced this in my career, and I can empathize with you that it is not a walk in the park.

However, you don’t have to let it break you down. You are in control of your mind, your thoughts, your reactions, and how you navigate through this thing we call life.

Burnout is a state that I want everyone to avoid, because you lose your ability to enjoy life when you’re burned out. Nothing feels right or good. You’re almost numb to the things that brought you joy. That’s not fun for anyone, your family, friends, co-workers, etc.

When you’re in one of those seasons where it’s “you v. the world”, there’s one key trait that will serve you well:


Axl Rose sang about it, The Oxford Dictionary defines patience as The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

  • Anxiety can lead to stress and burnout
  • Being tolerate reduces stress and burnout from happening, with the right mindset
  • Suffering leads to stress and burnout
  • Being annoyed can lead to stress and burnout

How do you become more patient? An article in Inc. Magazine gives us some clues:

  • Wait for things instead of instant gratification.
  • Stop doing things that are not important in your work and your life
  • Be more aware of things that cause you to be impatient. Eliminate those things if at all possible
  • Relax and take deep breaths


  • Michael Levitt

    Chief Burnout Officer

    Breakfast Leadership, Inc.

    Michael Levitt is the founder & Chief Burnout Officer of Breakfast Leadership, Inc,, a San Diego and Toronto-based burnout prevention firm. He is a Certified NLP and CBT Therapist, and is one of the world's leading authorities in burnout recovery and prevention.  He is also a Fortune 500 consultant, #1 bestselling author, and host of the Breakfast Leadership Show, a top 200 podcast on iTunes. He is a 2x Top 20 Global Thought Leader on Culture with Thinkers360. He is a former Healthcare executive, CIO, and CFO overseeing $ 2 Billion budgets, so he’s seen and done it all.
    His main keynotes are:
    1. Burnout Prevention: How To Avoid Your Own Year of Worst-Case Scenarios 2. Workplace Culture: Create A Workplace That People Will Beg To Work With 3. Working Remotely With Boundaries: How To Accomplish More At Home, Without Burning Out