“I don’t think you have all that it takes to make it.” At some point, you might have heard the phrase, especially when you are trying to experiment with a new model either in business or personal aspects. But as much as the words may apply to many, the chosen few often find a way to overcome the obstacle and prove them wrong. However, it doesn’t come easy; you have to impact a lot of hard work, mental preparedness, focus, and passion for getting through a challenging situation. 

Kevin’s life revolves around the same phrase until one day he decides to make a move, re-evaluate his life and start afresh along a new path. 

Kevin Suter At a Nutshell

Kevin is the Suter Group CEO, a consulting and technology company dedicated to growing businesses and not-for-profits from scratch. Before launching Suter Group, Kevin worked at Merrill Lynch and with The Strength Team ( A world-renowned ministry) as a financial advisor, earning his most desired skills from some of the industry’s best known. As a result, he developed countless growth opportunities for non-profits worldwide. 

Kevin is a world-class Keynote Presenter, Serial Entrepreneur, Technology Developer, and Business Strategist. His innate ability to take his pain and brokenness and paint a beautiful picture is something that makes him uniquely stand out. His ability to empower and encourage individuals and organizations alike is nothing short of astounding. 

In his career journey, Kevin worked as a consultant and project manager full time to fund his ministry and business for years. The stormy seas and disruptive waves featured his pathway to success but never hindered becoming a well-versed businessman and currently mentors diverse business leaders and owners. 

Part of his historical portfolio achievements includes an opportunity of presenting over 2 million people worldwide in businesses, non-profits, Universities, Prisons, Public Schools, and Conferences. He is the most sought out leader and a respected ministry leader with over 15 years of experience traveling and speaking in different countries across the globe. As part of his life journey, Kevin made a name for himself, growing businesses 5X-10X, reinvigorating, restructuring, and redefining his clients’ definition of business. He takes management, web presence, and branding to the levels you never imagine. 

His life experience led him to pass over critical information to the upcoming need to drive oneself to success. His message can be better analyzed as follows;

 Work Hard and Smart

Nothing comes easy in life; you have to toil hard to make that initial step. An idea will remain only as an idea until it gets converted into either a product or service. No matter the circumstances, you will never go wrong despite several failed attempts. What you need to have is the zeal to rise and get over your bottlenecks. 

Sometimes you don’t need only to pray but act simultaneously. Remember, it’s a combination of faith and work that can move you an inch higher. Moreover, always appreciate the little achievements you make because they build up to significant milestones.

Mentally Preparedness

We live in a competitive world that needs one’s ears to always be on the ground to avoid surprises and unforeseen events. Competition is a healthy way to ensure that you improve the quality of output. Nonetheless, it may often feature bullying that often instigates suicidal attempts under challenging situations. Being mentally resilient and learning that failure is not the end of life but an opening to a new pathway will create an entirely different perspective on how you face life. 


Create a focal point on what you want to achieve and craft a way to achieve the end goal. Learn to overcome the “why me” scenarios by converting it to “why not me,” having at the back of your mind the concept that to win, you may have several opportunity costs along the way. The focus will drive you closer to achieving your goals and give you vital lessons to learn on the failed attempts. 


Be passionate about whatever you do, and always look at every situation with a comfortable eye. Break down complex problems and tasks into small manageable ones and work on each specific slot to completion. That way, you will find it easy to blend your knowledge and experience with real-life situations and increase your problem-solving techniques. Your passion can drive you to achieve what you’ve always dreamt of achieving.