How your weekend can set you up for a superior week

Do you live for the weekend?

Ah, that liberating feeling of freedom and relaxation.

Or are they just another two days to bookend your ordinary and stressful week? More activities. More noise. More distraction.

Consider that weekends pose a HUGE opportunity to set us up for unparalleled success, love, and health. Use the easy tips below to give yourself the gift of a superior week. Then, enjoy all seven days of a stellar week.


When was the last time you put yourself first?

The weekend is the easiest time to take extra space for our physical and mental health. And boy, do we need it.

Indulge in a soothing Sunday night bath or a long nature walk. Do at least one activity every weekend that speaks to your soul, and you’ll be ten times more ready to take on the week ahead.

Then, be sure to schedule in bits of self-care for the rest of the week!


Reflection and planning are key to your most successful week.

Take a few moments over the weekend to think about what went right and what needs improvement from your past week. Then, prioritize and schedule your most important commitments. Don’t forget those non-negotiables like sleep, exercise, self-care, and deep work.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

Healthy Relationships

A satisfying weekend should fill you up for the rest of the week!

Often, we don’t have time to see our family and friends as much as we’d like to. So, take your weekends to fill those relationships with special memories and beautiful connection. Then, even if the week passes by with less meaningful contact, your happy residue from the weekend will get you through.

What’s one thing you can do with a friend or loved one this weekend?


Superior health starts and ends with the weekend! Use your free time to meal plan, grocery shop, plan exercise, and prep a few easy foods for the week ahead. Preparation is critical to a healthy lifestyle, so use your time to set you up for an amazing week ahead.

While you’re at it, get in a long walk or run with your extra stretch of time! By getting that movement in now, you’ve already set the tone better performance!

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In Conclusion

Weekends can easily be wasted on binge-watching and social media strolling. Those aren’t all bad, but think of the benefits of utilizing a portion of your time to take control of your week. Seize it.

You’ll find that your weeks leave you healthier, happier, and more impactful.